Luna Asks UAP Whistleblower Point Blank If He’s Been ‘In Fear For Your Life’ For Speaking Up

Uh thanks my name is Luna Mr grush in speaking to you yesterday um I just wanted to follow up on representative raskin’s questions in the last couple of years have you had incidences that have caused you to be in fear for your life for addressing these issues yes personally

Okay I just want everyone to note that he’s coming forward in fear of his life to put in perspective if they were really not scared about this information coming out why would someone be intimidated like that to your knowledge are nhis working with adversarial foreign governments in either technology exchange programs or

Back engineering programs I don’t have data on that I’m not sure have you heard or you had people come forward to present that evidence not that particular evidence that you just espoused okay on the 19th of April Dr Kirkpatrick head of Arrow had said that he did not find any evidence of

Uaps you also stated that you had in your interview that you had briefed him on information that you are uncovering but that he did not follow up with you were the items that you divulged to him pertin to National Security yes him and I had a classified conversation in April 2022 before he

Took over arrow in the July to 2022 and I provided him some concerns I had do you know why he might not have fallen up with you uh unfortunately I cannot read his mind um I wish he did I was I was happy to give Sage counsel to him on where to

Look when he took the the Helm of Arrow okay and then my last question for you before I moved to Mr Graves is um you received prior approval from the defense department to speak on certain issues correct correct through uh dobster DOD pre-publication and Security review and

I just want to remind the public uh they’re just looking from a security perspective these are my own personal views and opinions uh not the Departments okay I’m asking that though mainly because I think that there are many people that would like credit you so it does bring a certain amount of

Credibility to your testimony I’m required by law to do that as a Former Intelligence officer or I go to jail for revealing classified information yeah we don’t want you to go to jail my next question would actually be for Mr Graves can you please explain to me

In detail the event that occurred at Vandenberg Air Force Base certainly uh in the 2003 time frame a large group of Boeing contractors were operating near one of the launch facilities at Vandenberg Air Force Base when they observed a very large 100 yard sighted uh Red Square approached the base from

The ocean and hover at low altitude over one of the launch facilities this object remained for about 45 seconds or so before darting off over the mountains there was a similar event within 24 hours later in the evening this was a morning event I believe 8 45

In the morning later in the evening post sunset there were reports of other sightings on base including some aggressive behaviors these objects were approaching some of the security guards at rapid speeds before darting off and this is information that was received through one of the witnesses that have

Approached me at Americans for safe Aerospace was this documented in any official form whether it was a police blotter yes they had official documentation from the event that they witness held over the years and I’m not going to ask you to do it right now for

Time reasons but you would be able to sketch what was when it’s correct and you’ve have you seen that before on any other equipment and or during your flight time I have not seen what they have described this object was estimated to be almost the size of a football

Field and I have not seen anything personally that large okay and then another question on follow-up referencing the gimbal video go fast incident can you just clarify because to our understanding the footage was actually cut off at a certain point but what happens at the end of that video

Just for those Americans specifically there that are wanting to know about the rest of that footage certainly there was some uncertainty or um instability with the object it seemed to rock a bit and that’s the last uh last is you know the video much of the data that I would recommend be analyzed

Would consist of radar data that would provide precise kinematics on the object as well as the fleet of objects that were operating nearby okay and follow-up in regards to the reporting procedures that Mr Garcia had addressed on as well as representative burchett with the FAA to your understanding Pilots that are

Seeing this commercial airline pilots are they receiving cease and desist letters from corporations for coming forward with information in regards to safety for potential airline passengers I have been made privy to uh conversations with commercial aviators who have received Seasons assist orders so the American public should know that

Corporations are putting their own reputations on the basic not the line but ahead of the safety of the American people and I think would you agree with that statement I’d appears so okay um I guess this would be my last I’m out of time I yield I’ll be back oh good

At today’s House Oversight Committee’s Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs hearing, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) questioned witnesses testifying about UAPs.

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  1. this is such BS! if he were a real whistleblower he'd be in prison like Julian Assange!

  2. Grusch is following the ‘Hoax Alien Attack / Invasion’ narrative ,… whether it’s by design or he just doesn’t know any better is at question.

  3. At this point, it’s wrong for our government to hide information. We are the citizens of the United States of America. OUR government officials work for us and we demand the truth. Why should they know but won’t share important information with the people they serve. I’m sorry, this is wrong.!!!!

  4. There are that many red flags coming off this liar. This hearing should be held in the kremlin

  5. Jesus is coming soon, and He is bringing the entire host of heaven with Him. That I know is 1000% true.

  6. Total lier no way he is a whistleblower, 100% governament plant, Flat earth Aliens covid Ukraine being a democracy, all total rubbish

  7. These craft seem to be coming from the ocean

  8. Plot twist, Grusch is a Skrull and is trying to tell everyone they are here to stay

  9. First of course these extraterrestrial will attack on western then expand themselves all over the world. So the end is very much close and they don't want is to be intelligent enough to suspicious so they invented Instagram and Facebook and snapchat so that we live in our own lala land of dreams far away from the bitter reality😢

  10. Everyone is asking why it's not over the news globally blah blah….. Of course it will not because media is controlled by the elites and they don't want you to know this so they make you go blind they will show you what they want to 😅

  11. Don't fall for one world government at any cost😢😢 it's a trap

  12. To All Constructive Critical Minds, hello, allo, salut

    1. And if the UFO – UAP that we seem small to the camera, on the authentic video of American Military Pilots and more ,

    2. Yes, if these small UFOs UAPs were actually only the visible part of an Alien SpaceShip ?, like the periscope of a SunMarine !

    3. So The Alien Humanoids ADAM & EVE, can be seen as they wish, but not to frighten humans, the Military Pilot, so they hide 99,9% of their Spaceship,

    4. thus leaving visible only a very small part by their Hyper-technology, Hyper-evolved of more 5 million years ahead of us

    5. And they do so to show us also in +21st sc as in -11'500bc that they're an Humanoid Extra-terrestrial Civilization :


    6. but also to warn us, that we understand :


    Elnes L
    Facebook : Loic Pinot-Rateau

  13. That's a rhetorical question. lol

  14. If he was telling the truth, he would be dead already. All of this is a big joke.

  15. come up with some evidence or else it's bullshit

  16. LOL what a joke………….Put the most junior persons on the briefing………It's Anon Tech ………………………DUH

  17. He should be in fear of his life. He should be heavily protected.

  18. Imagine that; all the taxes collected by the government only for them to look out for themselves. The peasants aren't worthy of the knowledge they pay for. Reminds me of when Trump didn't want to warn us about COVID 19. He didn't want to cause a panic. 🙄

  19. These guys would be credible if the aliens were sitting with them answering questions.

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