Pentagon’s UFO chief separates science from fiction | Nightline

Oh my gosh dude for decades mysterious sightings like these have captured our Collective imagination unidentified aerial phenomena like this object captured on video by U.S Navy pilots flying through restricted airspace in 2015. these are retrieving non-human origin technical Vehicles so do aliens exist and are those Close Encounters evidence

They visited Earth to separate fact from fiction we went to the man leading the search for answers from inside the Pentagon I’m a long-term intelligence officer scientist and military officer Dr Sean Kirkpatrick in his first television interview after a year on the job told us everything is on the table

What keeps you up at night technical surprise and that could be adversary technical surprise or extraterrestrial technical surprise Kirkpatrick leads the all domain anomaly resolution officer Arrow created by Congress last year to detect identify and attribute mysterious objects of interest in the air in outer space and even underwater

What’s the most common misconception people have a view APS or of the work you’re doing that they’re all the same thing and they’re all extraterrestrial and neither of those are true his office is investigating more than 800 cases of potential uaps reported by military pilots and service members things like

This video from 2019 Navy sailors recording glowing triangles above them now believed to be ordinary drones distorted by night vision goggles many reports involve unusual metallic spheres seen floating in the sky but most have been later identified as weather or spy balloons we have to go through the the

Rigor of taking each one matching it against our known objects and known catalogs and then reviewing that peer reviewing that making sure that everybody’s in agreement but there’s not an explanation for everything most notably the so-called Tic Tac incident of the California coast in 2004. I can tell you I

Think it was not from this world David fravor is a retired Navy F-18 pilot who spotted the object seeming to move at impossible speeds he spoke with ABC News in 2017. we get a call from USS Princeton he gives us a bearing range and altitude report he’s calling a

Contact force that they want us to investigate so as we start driving out there I said what are we looking for and he said we don’t know he said we’ve seen these objects and they hang out at twenty thousand then it goes straight back up above 80 000 and disappear

There’s two people in each jet so four heads eight eyeballs and we start looking around and right about that time I was like dude do you see that I go what is that so we’re looking down and there’s a disturbance in the water right next to it was this little white object that

Looks like a Tic Tac and it’s just above the surface of the water and it’s moving around Left Right forward back just random no controlled thing there’s no rotor wash there is no wash I say hey I’m gonna go down and check it out we start coming down so now we’re in a

Clockwise flow going from 12 to 3 and it starts going from six to nine and it’s coming up and we’re going down we start to cut across it rapidly accelerates climbs past our altitude and disappears that’s the last we saw of it what’s your best guess of what happened

There it’s really hard to guess on this and I don’t like to Guess The Mystery of UFOs has inspired generations to wonder if we are not alone in the universe whom Orson Welles 1938 radio broadcast War of the Worlds which infamously fooled millions of listeners into believing an alien invasion was imminent

Falling all over the country one outside of Buffalo one in Chicago Close Encounters of the Third Kind bringing UFOs firmly into the Zeitgeist and Men In Black envisioning a covert government operation that monitors the aliens already living among us I knew it this is an alien and you guys are from some government agency trying to keep it under wraps but it’s not just Hollywood

The possibility of intelligent life beyond Earth has long been the subject of high-profile scrutiny even the White House weighing in we’re saying that there’s something our Pilots are seeing we’re saying it has had an effect on some of our training operations and so we want to get to the bottom of them and

With Congress now taking a closer look for decades many Americans have been fascinated by objects mysterious and unexplained and it’s long past time that they got some answers at a hearing in July David fraver repeated the story he told ABC News five years ago I’m not

Like a UFO fanatic it’s not it’s not me but I will tell you that what we saw with four sets of eyes over a five minute period still there’s nothing we have nothing close to it fraver appeared alongside Lieutenant Ryan Graves another former Navy pilot these sightings are not rare

Or isolated they are routine and David grush a former military intelligence officer turned whistleblower grush repeated explosive and unverified claims he’s made in the past that the U.S government has recovered evidence of extraterrestrials as I’ve stated publicly already in my news Nation interview biologics came with some of these recoveries were they

I guess human or non-human biologics non-human and that was the assessment of people with direct knowledge on the program and that he was retaliated against after learning of a supposed Secret Pentagon program that aimed to collect and reverse engineer uaps in the last couple of years have you had

Incidences that have caused you to be in fear for your life for addressing these issues yes personally after the hearing Dr Sean Kirkpatrick refuted Russia’s claims in a letter published on his personal LinkedIn page he wrote Arrow has yet to find any credible evidence to support the allegations of a reverse engineering

Program for non-human technology the Pentagon adding it has no information that any individual has been harmed or killed as a result of providing information about uaps you can say categorically you’ve seen no convincing confirmable evidence it’s intact spacecraft kept by the US government no I have seen nothing that

Leads me to that conclusion is it possible there is some secret program that you’re just not aware of I don’t think so I have access to anything and everything I need why do you think these whistleblowers are coming forward well one I think the recent law which extended whistleblower protections to

Them and and named Arrow as the authorized disclosure Authority opens the door for them to to come and tell us exactly what they think they they saw or know about you believe them I believe that they believe what they’re telling me and I my job is not to it’s

Not a question of belief right it’s a question of what can I go research Kirkpatrick says between 95 and 98 of cases reviewed by his office are readily explainable large birds balloons debris or drones but a small number remain a mystery so we are going to follow our

Data and our investigations wherever it goes right so I I have a full range of hypotheses so you can’t rule it out I can’t rule it out but I don’t have any evidence that says that yet most Americans believe intelligent life exists beyond Earth and a majority say uaps under investigation are likely

Proof of contact do you think extraterrestrial life is out there I think it’s statistically unrealistic to think it isn’t I mean given given the vastness of the universe are you going to find it on your watch well wouldn’t that be fun and that would be probably the best outcome of this job

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Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, who leads the Pentagon’s “All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office,” talks about efforts to determine the truth behind “unidentified aerial phenomena” sightings around the planet.



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  2. Kirkpatrick, don't trust this guy, I know for a fact it's not a product of humans. Most of these politicians think with the wrong head.

  3. There is something innately sinister about a giant coverup.If they are prepared to kill people for speaking out then what else are they up to? Of course a government needs some secrets but why would a government want to keep the public ignorant about intelligent life in the Universe that is occasionally popping in for a visit?

  4. Do not listen to Kirkpatrick.

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  7. He is telling lies

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  10. Separating fact from fiction is simple after the last few years of lessons: Whatever the handpicked government spoksman is suggesting is True – Fiction
    The opposite:- Probably fact

  11. The government's clearly not taking this seriously. They're talking disinformation, wokeism and conspiracy theories. Treason and fake experts. That's not what UFO fans need to see and hear.

  12. It dont matter how truthfull he is ,people have formed an opinion,I belive him and i belive Physics.He dont care if you belive him or not lol.

  13. Kirkpatrick operates under a cloud of secrecy. The Pentagon classifies all sensor, radar, and material evidence. From there ARRO under Kirkpatrick can report they have found nothing credible from the non classified sightings. This is how they he’s able to legally say they’ve found nothing. Meanwhile all the credible sightings and evidence are hidden from the public.

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