ILO: Political will important in addressing labor issues

The director general of the international labor organization has embarked on historic official visit to the Philippines the four-day trip of ILO director General Gilberto umbo coincided with manila’s 75th year as a member of the organization and amid emerging challenges in the labor sector today in a rare opportunity the ILO Chief sets

Down with CNN Philippines for a one-on-one interview first of all I’m so grateful that I have this opportunity for those meetings how do you think Manila is faring when it comes to complying with ILO standards there are two things do we have elements that we will hope

The Philippine to be more compliant yes we do I want to be very very clear what is the Philippine um The Only Exception the only country we have like this no what is critical once the control um system has identified a element of shortcomings that need to be addressed the more the

Most important thing for us is the political willingness to address those issues the ILO Chief also discusses the state of Filipino migrant workers he says the Philippines could be a role model for the other countries in terms of migration while the issue of nurses leaving their Homeland for better pay

And benefits is a growing concern too and the Filipino have a lot of mou with different countries I’m I believe in some of those mous to start considering how the the receiving countries can contribute to step up the um the number of nurses for example that have been on train I mean

The Education and Training based on ilo’s latest monitoring some 190 million individuals are unemployed worldwide and was worsened by the pandemic and geopolitical conflicts it is important for us to ensure how our countries can get the fair share in the supply chain particularly the youth to be to to to be

Better matched to the the trends and demand that that we see from the labor the labor market director General umbo also shares ilo’s position on the rise of artificial intelligence globally I’m not worried that the AI is just going to make people unemployed if you are well prepared if you have a very

Good Training and rescaling programs we should benefit from it critical for us to really really invest in the skills and developing the skills developing not only the um the the the the the productivity um but also the total factory productivity in a way that we can

Benefit from that the ILO Chief says he hopes the Philippines will continue to hold meaningful dialogues with labor groups and unions to ensure the welfare of Filipino workers CNN Philippines

The labor sector is facing challenges such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

For the chief of the International Labour Organization, political will is important in addressing these issues.

Tristan Nodalo sat down with the Director-General of the ILO.

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