What is IMF and why does it matter?

The international monetary fund an institution that promotes global economic stability and perhaps a lender of Last Resort or as some say an outdated organization whose policies damage the social and cultural fabric of a country let’s take a closer look the IMF was founded in 1944 at Bretton Woods

In the United States since then its membership has grown from 44 countries to 190. the IMF says it monitors the economic health of member countries and provides loans for governments in economic distress two years ago at the height of the covid-19 pandemic more than a hundred Nations requested

Bailouts from the IMF here’s our correspondent Alan Fisher reporting on those loans from his headquarters here in Washington the international monetary fund has put together a nine trillion dollar pot to help countries deal with the covert crisis most of that money has come from the G20 the world’s richest Nations and

More than 100 countries have asked for help now this is the IMF map of where money was distributed among those helped 2.7 billion dollars to Egypt 411 million to Ethiopia 361 million to Bosnia Herzegovina more recently Sri Lanka received 2.9 billion dollars after its economy faced collapse

It ran out of money for food medicine cooking gas and fuel but critics of the IMF say it is outdated and ineffective of the 89 developing countries that received IMF loans between 1965 and 1995 more than half were no better off afterwards in fact 32 were poorer other critics question whether many nations

Which borrow money from the IMF have the ability to repay it now you’re saddled with additional debt from the IMF then some sort of longer term plan and program is likely going to have to step in to help countries through that now the IMF is downgrading its

Forecast of 2.9 Global growth in 2023 it says that’s because of the increasing risk of recession and financial instability far from being transitory as we thought inflation is much more persistent high energy and food prices tighter Financial conditions lingering Supply disruptions decelerate growth all of the world’s largest economy

Economies are now slowing down for Better or For Worse many more governments may need to turn to the IMF in the coming months and years

The International Monetary Fund is expected to paint a gloomy financial outlook when it meets in Washington DC, later.
Inflation concerns, the war in Ukraine, and rising interest rates are impacting economies right around the world.
In the coming hours it will release two key reports, on what’s in store for the global economy.

Al Jazeera’s Folly Bah Thibault explains how much power the IMF actually wields.

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  1. give countries money and then return the IMF controls your country. This is all about the great reset. They don’t want to help countries they want to depopulate the world which is why they are purposely causing all these crisis. For every crisis they gain more power. All those billions of dollars that America is giving to Ukraine is going to the IMF. That’s why they won’t tell anyone where the money is actually going and what is being spent on. We’re supposed to be giving them weapons that we haven’t sent they’re actually going to the UN didn’t help build up their military. They’re robbing people blind with taxes fund the rich so that they can make your life miserable while they’re trying to kill us and starve us to death

  2. What imf chaina 🏌🏼‍♀️🏌🏼‍♀️🏌🏼‍♀️🏌🏼‍♀️

  3. Joe jt postel member 1977reg
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    Bank bpdkaltimtara
    Feedback go id

  4. It's evil and time to raze it.

  5. Imf are lefty communists

  6. Sri Lanka still waiting on the 2.9B, hoping to receive by April.

  7. They have there weekly meetings this week. They made available need 7 hours of video . Only 1 hour was available to me…
    I think these creatures are the biggest most profound source of evil on earth. There ensuring just enough progress to ensure the emiseration that provides for there needs, nothing more. There bankers they want you endentured servitude for all time.
    I think the only people trying to push the envelope past self interest are the Chinese and even there starting to show signs of greed, self interested deception. ( which is perhaps required) , considering…
    The middle East if they can ever rise above it have a background in religious dogma against the concepts of usery and may aid if allowed.

  8. If you can tell . These people strike me as false.

  9. Full control over the slaves huh?

  10. An incompetent bunch of chancers who never get anything right, end of.

  11. Human right-UNO-IMF PLZ msg them and do viral on all famous plat forms InTouch with that we do not need budget to aprove in Pakistan to this present govt in wrong hands.this govt will loot all in its pockets

  12. Imf exporting poverty

  13. The IMF is just a frud. If America, France, Germany or Western powers need money, they raise their debt ceiling and print money they need. If the rest of the world needs money, they have to get that useless printed papers from Western powers

  14. IMF = International M0ther F**ker

  15. Condition of the fiscal tax year of 2017 when the Ukraine, China, and the Russian Federation and sequential fiscal policy tax years are necessary fact finding for monetary policy currency valuations. The mitigation of the International Monetary Fund with any country has recognition of those conditions with domestic concerns of financial institutions controlled by jurisdiction of banking regulations. The Board of Governors and Federal Reserve of the United States know this with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC est. 1933) analytical results for inflation rates and United States monetary policy. Does the declaration of war offer resolution to payments and mitigation conditions between the Peoples Republic of China, and Russian Federation? Does the declaration of war offer currency mitigation with the Ukraine balance of payments while receiving SDR credit evaluation from the International Monetary Fund?

  16. You would have thought. The borrowers begged for loans and they having to pay it back (maybe..some will default).

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