Why are California gas prices so high?

Well, if you filled up your tank recently, you probably know that gas prices are on the rise in California. Yeah, and it hurts. Brian. Was the wallet is hurting both of us. The current average for a gallon of gas in the Golden State. Regular gas is about 5 65.

That’s about 50 cents higher than it was just a month ago. ABC Ten’s Bridget Belo joins us now live from a gas station in Sacramento’s Curtis Park neighborhood. Bridget. Is there any relief in sight? That’s the big question can

And I hate to tell you not looking like there’s a relief any time soon. In terms of gas prices in Sacramento, the average is $5.43 for a gallon of unleaded regular, that’s below the state average. But if you’re driving through Curtis Park,

Expect to pay even more for that 5 84 for regular here, just over $6 for plus 6 34. And I will say typically after the Labor Day Holiday, weekend prices tend to go down, but that is not the case this year. That’s because that winter grade

Crude oil, that winter grade gasoline that typically is available in the fall. Won’t be available in California until around November. So, get ready to pay much more for gas in the next couple of months. And we will also talk about that. People are picking and choosing what to spend their money on.

Do they spend money on going out? Do they spend money on extra curricular activities or do they stay home? Wait it out for those prices to go down. Take a listen to some folks we spoke to over the weekend about how they’re making those tough decisions. Gas prices, it’s way too much. You

Know, last year it used to take like $60.80 85. I need to cut my other expenses to fuel my car. I don’t really go out that much anymore. It’s just to go to work and that’s it because you don’t want to go driving

Anywhere because you got to calculate how much you got to have in your account, how much you got to, you know, where you’re going, put that into account. So yeah, it’s definitely been hit in the pocket. This is the time to think about how to stretch those pennies thin.

If you want to save around 15 cents, consider paying cash or debit for your next gallon of regular. Take a look at that 569 you could be spending versa. 5 84 something to consider, want to save a few bucks at the gas pump. And how we got here.

Why we’re here is because a crude oil keeps going up. We are paying around $90 on average for a barrel of crude oil right now. We haven’t paid that much Conetta since last year. Yeah, it’s a big difference. So, Bridget, is there anything drivers can do to make that gas tank last longer

Or to save a little bit when they show up to fill up, you’re going to want to shop around, can really either drive around or go to our website ABC 10 dot com where we post a gas buddies list of the cheapest available stations in our area at last check, 479.

It was the cheapest in our area, but you could pay as high as $6.29 depending on where you go. You want to sign up, sign up for a discount, any programs at gas stations like the one here offered at Shell that could save you a few dollars, Conetta.

And that will go a long way when you think about filling up once or twice a week when you get to have to go to and from work. And yeah, and it’s a good thing you mentioned that because I am very loyal to Safeway

And because I can get my groceries and that adds up so that I can save money on my gas. So if you haven’t heard of that, that’s another way to save Bridget. Thank you.

Why are California gas prices so high? Gas prices in California are on the rise again.

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  1. California is literally making its people poor. The other day I had to pump $7/gallon

  2. I remember when it was 3$ a gallon in Cali when I got stationed out here and I thought that was high….it’s literally doubled which is crazy.

  3. That woman's reporter voice is so awkward.

  4. High sales tax, high property, high income tax, tons of products have their own special tax, and crazy crime effecting retail insurance.

  5. Remember that time we put lower gas powered car sales by 2035? It’s just going to get worse. Turns into a poor person tax.


  7. It’s a matter of time California will be destroyed!! And I’m gonna love it

  8. WHY! Why! Why is Gavin Newsome STILL Governor! In his dictatorship he is punishing people who have gas cars! Why don’t you people just vote him out of office? We obviously cannot recall him, his backers like Soros have him well protected from that!

  9. Everybody is going to be doing business with the motorcycle shops.

  10. It's not rocket science, 😅😂They want everyone in a Tesla

  11. Good job leftist garbage. Get in the sea with the rest of the trash.

  12. gas in the us is cheap in europ/ germany cost 1 galleon 8 Usd

  13. You only calculate gas price if your not Andrew Tate. “You guys are all Brooke”- Tate

  14. Y’all can thank Gavin Newsom and the Democrats for this little gift!!! Keep voting Democrat!!! No wonder so many people are leaving California!!! It’s under 4 dollars a gallon in South Carolina!!!!

  15. Oil companies just Jewish the fed and state tax is low

  16. Because we have a lousy governor and you all voted to keep the gas tax about 6 – 8 years ago.

  17. you voted for it.enjoy

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