Millie Bobby Brown (UNICEF’s youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador) on empowering children

Great good afternoon it is real pleasure for us to welcome the emmy-nominated actress and star of the show stranger things Millie Bobby Brown as well as UNICEF’s director of communication Paloma Escudero they are here to briefly talk to you about the importance of empowering children as part of UNICEF’s commemoration of international

Children’s Day Paloma welcome happy watching this day to you all today is a very special day for UNICEF and for many many children around the world today we are all going blue for children’s rights and you can see we are all dressed in blue and today’s a day where millions of children

And young people around the world are given a voice are given a voice to be saying the things that are important to them but also we are giving a voice to young people and to children to be advocating for the issues they care about today we are going blue for all

Those 260 million children and young people who cannot go to school who can who have never seen a primary class or a secondary class also today we are going blue for them 650 girls and women who were married before the age of 18 also we are going blue for the 5.4 million

Children younger than five years old that are dying every year because of preventable diseases today is the day for children by children and we want to make sure that we put children’s issues and children’s rights at the spotlight of the public agenda and this is why

Today I could say is a historical day for UNICEF because we are appointing our youngest ever goodwill ambassador and today on behalf of UNICEF executive director mrs. Henrietta for I have the honor and the privilege to be welcoming Milly Bobby Brown to the UNICEF family she’s taken quite a big role on her

Shoulders she’s 14 years old but she has already proven an amazing commitment as an advocate for children she’s really using her voice her fame her amazing social media platform to be talking about issues that children and young people like her care about I thought she’s very proud of joining an amazing an amazing

Group of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador she’s joining David Beckham Orlando Bloom Priyanka Chopra Shakira she’s joining also those in those boodle ambassadors who initiated this commitment with himself she’s joining all the helper Danny Kaye and it is important to remember that what she’s doing today is an enormous and enormous act of

Generosity because she’s going to be devoting a lot of time to learn about UNICEF work to be traveling with us but also she’s going to be advocating for something that is one of the most precious things that the UN has created in the last 30 years she’s going to be

The advocate for the convention of the chance of the rights who was approved in this building 30 years ago so milling on behalf of the UNICEF family all around the world thank you so much for your commitment and I am extremely proud to be appointing you today UNICEF youngest-ever

Goodwill Ambassador the floor is yours [Applause] okay Wow a lot okay um thank you for Paloma for such a warm welcome and happy world Children’s Day everyone I see not all of you are wearing blue which is a disappointment it’s a pleasure to be at the United Nations to celebrate world

Children’s Day a day where we celebrate children using their voices on the issues that affect us all that’s why while Children’s Day is so important for me this is a day for us it is also a huge huge honor to be appointed Eunice youngest-ever goodwill ambassador given UNICEF’s global role as the world’s

Leading voice for children and young people to be the youngest ever goodwill ambassador for UNICEF is more than an honor it’s a powerful privilege and as the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility so today I am officially stepping into my role as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and I’m committing

To this promise I will speak out for the millions of children and young people whose voices have been silenced for far too long I will shine a light on the issues that vulnerable children and young people have suffered around the world included representing them at places where they haven’t yet had a seat

At the table and most of all I will make sure children and young people know their rights and I will do everything I can to empower them to be the change they want to see in the world as I stand here now millions of children do not have access to education

Millions don’t have a safe place to call home millions don’t have nourishing food vaccines or clean water to keep them healthy or strong it’s my wish that every child no matter where they live all the circumstances they were born into have the chance to be heard we have

The passion the fire and the ideas to make the change in becoming a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador I share the title with a hero of mine the late great Audrey Hepburn who once said as you grow older you will discover that you have two hands one for helping

Others and one for helping yourself and that’s exactly what I intend to do I’m looking forward to traveling to see UNICEF amazing work and meeting as many children as I can I want to inspire my fans to come on this journey with me to learn with me and to raise their voices

With mine starting today let’s remind ourselves of our rights as children and let’s demand those rights not just for ourselves but for every child here so on world Children’s Day please join me and thousands of children around the world in taking actions for children today please go blue thank you hi Mele

My name is Sherman rice peas I’m a correspondent for South African Broadcasting and on behalf of the UN Correspondents Association it’s always good to see young people with a platform and a voice like yours what’s your message to the world leaders in this building and around the world about what

It is you seek to achieve for children around the world and feel free to mention some specific world leaders that perhaps you it was attention you might want to want to get well our message and when I say ah I mean us children not just me our message to world leaders is

To hear our voices even though we are young we are still powerful and we have voices and we want to shine a light on issues that are not spoken about hi welcome I’m Margaret Bashir with The Voice of America um as Paloma mentioned 260 million children out of school many

Of them in conflict zones so as you travel and meet kids what’s your message going to be to them about the need to study no matter what your situation is in order to get ahead and have a better life fortunately I have a platform where

I can help people and children to get a better education no matter what circumstances they’re in one of the reasons I’m so excited to work with UNICEF is because they are so driven to find a better way for education for children and that’s so important to me

Also so I’m really excited to work with them on children’s education that’s one of my most exciting things and and I think it’s such a such an honor and such a privilege to try and help people’s education and help them study I think it’s important to me thank you very much

Two to three minutes

Press Conference by Emmy-nominated actress & star of the show Stranger Things and the youngest UNICEF Goodwill …
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