Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks at U.N. General Assembly | full video

Inviting to address this [Applause] thank you very much I welcome all who stand for common efforts and I promise being really united we can guarantee Fair peace for all nations what’s more Unity can prevent Wars ladies and gentlemen Mr Secretary General Mr President fellow leaders

These call so many many words but not as active Defender against the aggressions in many cases the fear War the final war was the loudest here the war after which no one would Gather in the General Assembly Hall again the sword world war was seen as a

Nuclear war a conflict between states on the highway to nukes other Wars seemed less scary compared to a threat of the so-called great Powers firing their nuclear stockpiles show their 20th century taught the world to restrain from the use of the weapons of mass destruction not to deploy

Not to proliferate not to threaten with and not to test but to promote a complete nuclear disarmament frankly this is a good strategy but but it should not be the only strategy to protect the world from the final war Ukraine gave up its third largest nuclear Arsenal the world then decided

Russia should become a keeper of such power yet history shows it was Russia who deserved nuclear disarmament the most back in 1990s and Russia deserves it now terrorists have no right to hold nuclear weapons no right but truly not the news are the scariest town while nukes remain in place the mass

Destruction is gaining its momentum the aggressor is weaponizing many other things and all things are used not only against our country but against all of yours as well fellow leaders there are many conventions that restrict weapons but there are no real restrictions on weaponization first let me let me give you an example

The food since the start of the full-scale war the Ukrainian ports in the black and as of seas have been blocked by Russia until now our boards on the Danube River Remain the target for missiles and drones and it is a clear Russia’s attempt to weaponize the food shortage on the

Global market in exchange for recognition for some if not all of the captured territories Russia is launching the food prices as weapons the impact spans from the Atlantic coast of Africa to the southeast Asia and this is the threat scale and I would like to thank those leaders who supported our

Black Sea grain initiative and program Green from Ukraine thank you so much united united we made weapons torn back into food again more than 45 Nations so how important it is to make Ukrainian food products available on the market from Algeria to Spain to Indonesia and China

And even now when Russia has undermined the Black Sea grain initiative we are working to ensure food stability and I hope that many of you will join us in these efforts we launched a temporary sea expert corridor from our pores and we are working hard to preserve the land roots from grain exports

And it is alarming to see how some in Europe some our friends in Europe play out solidarity in political theater making Thriller from the green and they may seem to play their own role but in fact they are helping helping set the stage to a Moscow actor second weaponization of energy

Many times the world has witnessed Russia using energy as a weapon Kremlin weaponized oil and gas to weaken the leaders of other countries when they came to the red square and now now this threat is even greater Russia is weaponizing nuclear energy not only it is not only it is spreading its

Unreliable nuclear power plant Construction Technologies but it is also turning other countries power plants into real dirty bombs look place what Russia did to our the Parisian power plant shelled it occupied it and now blackmails others with radiation leaks is there any sense to reduce nuclear weapons when Russia is weaponizing

Nuclear power plants scary question the Global Security architecture offers no response or protection against such a treacherous radiation threat and there is no accountability for radiation blackmailers so far the sword example is children children unfortunately in various terrorist groups abduct children to put pressure on their families and societies but

Never before the mass kidnapping and deportation would become a part of the government policy not until now we know the names of tens of thousands of children and have evidence on hundreds of thousands of others kidnapped by Russia in the occupied territories of Ukraine and let deported the international Criminal Court

Issued a rest warrant for putting for this crime and we are trying to get children back home but time time goes by what will happen with them what will happen to them those children in Russia are taught to hate Ukraine at all ties with their families are broken and this is clearly

A genocide when hatred is weaponized Against One Nation it never stops there Each decade Russia starts a new war parts of Moldova and Georgia remain occupied Russia turns Syria into ruins and if not Russia the chemical weapons would have never been used there in Syria Russia has almost swallowed Belarus

It is obviously a threatening Kazakhstan and other Baltic states and the goal of them present War against Ukraine is to turn our land our people our lives our resources into a weapon against you again the international rules-based order many seats in the General Assembly Hall may become empty

Empty if Russia succeeds with its treachery and aggression lettuce and gentlemen the aggressor scatters deaths and brings ruins even without nukes but the outcomes are alike we see towns we see villages in Ukraine wiped out by Russian Artillery leveled to the ground completely we see the war of drones we

Know the possible effects of spreading the war into the cyberspace the artificial intelligence could be trained to combat well before it would learn to help the humanity thank God people have not yet learned to use climate as a weapon even though humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives this means

That extreme weather will still impact the normal Global Life and some evil state will also weaponize its outcomes and when people in the streets of New York and other cities of the world went out on climate protest we all have seen them and when people in Morocco and Libya and

Other countries die as a result of natural disasters and when islands and countries disappear underwater and when tornadoes and deserts are spreading into into new territories and when all of this is happening one unnatural disaster in Moscow decided to launch a big war and kill tens of thousands of people We have to stop it We must act United to defeat the aggressor and focus all our capabilities and energy on addressing these challenges as nukes are restrained likewise the aggressor must be restrained and all its tools and message a war each word now can become final but it takes our Unity to make sure that

Aggression will not breaking again and it is not a dialogue between the so-called great power somewhere behind the closed doors that can guarantee us all the new Wars era but open War of all Nations for peace Last year I presented the outlines of the Ukrainian peace formula at the U.N General Assembly later in Indonesia I presented the full formula and over the past year the peace formula became the basis to update the existing security architecture now we can bring now we can

Bring back to life the U.N Charter and guarantee the full power for the rules-based world order and tomorrow I will present the details at a special meeting of the U.N security Council the main thing is that it is not only about Ukraine more than 140 States and international organizations have supported the

Ukrainian peace formula fully or in part the Ukrainian peace formula is becoming Global its points offer Solutions and steps that will stop all forms of weaponization that Russia used against Ukraine and other countries and maybe used by other aggressors look for the first time in modern

History we have real chance to end the aggression on the terms of the nation which was attacked and this is a real chance for every nation to ensure that aggression against against your state if it happens God forbid will and not because your land will be divided and you will be forced

To submit to military or political pressure but because your territory and sovereignty will be fully restored we launched the format of meetings between National Security advisors and diplomatic Representatives important talks and consultations were held in Hiroshima in Copenhagen and injera on the implementation of the peace formula

And we are preparing Global Peace Summit and please I invite all of you all of you who do not tolerate any aggression to jointly prepare the summit and I am aware of the attempts to make some shady dealings behind the scenes evil cannot be trusted ask pregosian if one bets on Putin’s promises

Please hear me let Unity decide everything openly while Russia is pushing the world to the final war Ukraine is doing everything to ensure that after Russian aggression no one in the world will dare to attack Any Nation weaponization must be restrained war crimes must be punished deported people

Must come back home and the occupier must return to their own land we must be United to make it and we’ll do it slavocrine [Applause] me on behalf of the assembly I wish to thank the president of Ukraine for the statement just made and request protocol to export his Excellency

The assembly will hear an address by his Excellency Alejandro giamattai fella president of the Republic of Guatemala I request protocol to escort his Excellency on behalf of

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the U.N. General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday. Zelenskyy’s …
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