David Grusch UFO/UAP bombshells: Ross Coulthart reveals the inside story

The world is watching as the US Congress looks into the UFO UAP phenomenon. Here, veteran investigative journalist Ross Coulthart shares the inside story of his scoop with David Grusch. Subscribe and set 🔔 » https://7news.link/YTSubscribe

Through his years of research into the UFO phenomenom, Ross Coulthart came across a man called Dave Grusch. Grusch resigned from the very highest levels of military intelligence in the United States about early April 2023, and he worked most recently for the UAP task force.

He was the National Geospatial Agency Intelligence Agency lead for the UAP Task Force in the Pentagon, which is the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena Task Force. He was investigating reports or a secret UFOs, UAP, alien spacecraft crash retrieval program. Grusch was at the highest levels of US intelligence, and was kind enough to speak to Ross Coulthart on US network News Nation, and share with what he knew.

Here, we speak with Ross about the inside story of the Grusch revelations.

01:50 ‘I was a skeptic’
03:41 How Ross Coulthart met David Grusch
05:30 Is David Grusch a whistleblower?
06:30 Are there aliens on this planet?
07:30 The high-ranking people supporting Grusch’s claims
09:20 Who is David Grusch?
12:20 Grusch on government cover-up
14:50 Is the cover-up illegal?
15:25 How Ross Coulthart confirmed Grusch’s claims
16:10 The US government has ‘alien bodies’
18:50 Why mainstream media treats the issue as a joke
23:55 What US Congress Oversight Committee needs to do
24:22 Trump and Obama knew about UFOs
29:11 Have US Presidents been lied to about UAP and UFO intel?
32:00 Why this is a pivotal moment in human history

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  1. Finally a open minded discussion without humour and jokes involved ! This is real journalism ! Well done channel 7

  2. So the government have given him permission to tell the world the secrets that they are denying??? I'm lost on this one something doesn't make sense to me..

  3. If the energy to move a craft across a galaxy, is used to power the earths population, that will seriously impact the viability of capitalism… No wonder governments want to contain the progress that will bring to man kind… Without capitalism, the tax base of the western world will collapse, and as such, governments and their power…

  4. Like you, I just wouldn't care. You cannot "un-know" something. Thank you for all of your hard work. Didn't Biden put a stop to Trumps presidential briefings after it became apparent he'd been disclosing national secrets?

  5. Roswell being true isn't amazing. What's amazing is that some people still believe that the most highly placed and capable military men in America (the 509th Command – responsible for our atomic weapon drops,) could look at a few pieces of tinfoil, sticks, tape and ripped rubber and say "Yup, that's an alien spaceship all right. Let's tell the American people." Worse, the "official explanation" is that a highly classified/top secret effort, Project Mogul was the REAL cause of the confusion. Problem is, the Mogul balloons were almost exactly like regular weather balloons… just with more stuff on them.

  6. 번역 자막서비스를 해주세요~~

  7. 7 news, huh, unbelievable. You took the piss out of this for years

  8. Always curious why we dont see these type of reports out of Australia.. I mean do the UAP's only like North America ???? MMMMM ????

  9. People in the government are cherry 🍒 picking information to make a claim of weapons of mass destruction. And anything to meet their agenda. 🙈🙉🙊

  10. You should do one on Jeremy Corbell? George Knapp and Corbel have been friends for years and worked on many projects

  11. I believe it. And I believe it even more today. Such a revelation cannot be entrusted to these " elected candidates who overnight become so called SENATORS or Congressman . Half of these elected people are FAR from qualified to fill such an office or make such decisions.These so called LAWMAKERS are currently battling one another and bumping into walls. They carry too many personal and political agendas.

  12. This is all about getting $$$$ for defence spending.

  13. This is suppressed because it makes world wide religions irrelevant and the governments are scared that we cant handle that information ie you are mortal and when you die thats it! no heaven and no hell.Grow up and deal with it,every war that has been fought ever was done with a god that doesn't exist on their side.Religion is the biggest lie mankind has ever invented.

  14. Its real so and now ?

  15. He said, she said, like listening to a broken record over and over again

  16. From 1940's gray flying saucer to gray square in sphere today! Some intelligence. Oh and don't forget the men in gray.

  17. There aren't enough thumbs down for this ridiculous nonsense.

  18. Do you have any primary data? Or just he said she said nonsense?
    Only in the last 80 years? Surely they were here before then!
    Show some actual evidence!
    If it were true Trump would have released it…..
    Congratulations on the click bait though!!

  19. Many believe that the non humans are demons!!👹

  20. Why only America? Why don't other countries have similar experiences

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