Canada wildfires: 80 million under air quality alerts as a result of the ongoing wildfires

This morning from bad to worse tens of millions of Americans are on alert for unhealthy air the New York Yankees game last night smelling like a campfire New York at one point seen the worst air quality of any city on earth the Smokey Haze coming from wildfires in Canada is

Blotting skylines from Manhattan to Cleveland we’re really seeing these exceptional levels that are traditionally seen in really really populated cities more than 400 wildfires are burning across Canada from the Western provinces to Quebec turning the sky bright orange smoke seeping across the border prompting air quality advisories for at

Least 80 million Americans as far south as North Carolina one expert saying if you’re exposed to the current air quality in New York for 24 hours it could be equivalent to smoking six cigarettes the immediate health risks are worsening of asthma and worsening of allergy symptoms it can happen

Immediately in exposure to this type of air quality vulnerable people are warned to stay inside look at the current air quality folks it is hazardous out there to be outside from New York to Philly much of Southern New England and that’s not going to change much through the day

On Wednesday but there is some relief coming on Friday the rain will wash out a lot of that smoke out of the air scientists monitor unhealthy air from Wildfire Smoke by measuring a particle known as PM 2.5 which is small enough to get past your Airway defenses and cause

Breathing problems a recent study at Stanford University found in the last decade there has been a 27-fold increase in the number of people living in areas with an unhealthy amount of PM 2.5 at least one day per year officials in Canada say half of the country’s wildfires are burning out of control

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Smoke from wildfires raging across Canada has left communities as far as the Carolinas shrouded in a thick haze. ABC News’ Andrea Fujii reports on the health risks.

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Punya Masalah Canada wildfires: 80 million under air quality alerts as a result of the ongoing wildfires ? ..!! DAPATKAN SOLUSINYA, KLIK DISINI

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  1. Already smoked 3 cigarettes 😢

  2. I forgot to close my window last night and woke up vomiting.

  3. How u turn this one thing into a daily thing.

  4. At this point I don’t even know what the firefighters are doing

  5. Climate change believe in it. Wild storms droughts and big fires!!!

  6. the fire and smoke is going to do alot of damage to ur heart and lungs and ur mind because its like u smoking a pack of cigarettes a day it can cause mental problems as well like paranoia anxiety attacks and panic attacks

  7. the same thing happen here n california back n 2018 and 2019 its going to last a month n the air so most of u are going to get sick and delevlop heart problems and lung problems from it sadly

  8. I’m on Long Island smells like afuckin campfire

  9. You sure is not from Ohio? You know the incident with chemicals

  10. And a significant percentage of the population are climate change deniers because of the propaganda that they choose to believe.

  11. ​The balloons that flew across the country recently have released a chemical that just now activated.

  12. This explains a lot. I went outside this morning and was like, “what the hell? What is this stench in the air?”

  13. What this actually says is, we breathe the same air as Canada! I'm sure this resonates with other states and countries that surround them.

  14. Every morning I see and hear a lot of birds, goose and their kids, and bears. Hope they’ll be okay because it’s very silent without them, from NJ

  15. This is because Canada cant manage their wildfires. Stop blaming everything on climate change. In fact, people should stop watching ABC if they want the truthful news!

  16. From Long island NY smeels horrble stepping out of the door.

  17. Why the atmosphere is not observing smoke, Those are man made worries, Carbon increasing car pollution, industrial pollution. God made the world beautiful! God tests every individual giving blessings & opportunity to discover God Almighty. Thank God this place is not final abode. This place is place for Learning!

  18. Direct Energy Weapons liked they used in Paradise, CA

  19. Nobody’s mentioned the lousy job Canada is doing managing its wood.

  20. four hundred wildfires major diaster for cause of human behaviour

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