UNICEF warns of ‘humanitarian catastrophe’ in Gaza as Israel orders evacuation of of 1.1 million

For more let’s speak to James Elder spokesperson with UNICEF uh standing by on the line in Geneva hello to you James one week on and it doesn’t seem like the Situation’s getting any better we just saw the report with the harrowing images out of Gaza what’s the lat on the

Humanitarian situation in the strip absolutely nightmarish unfortunately I think your correspondent painted the perfect picture that that you’ve now you know seen 500 children just over 500 Palestinian children have been killed in just these these days since the the attacks started it’s perpetual call from the United Nations

From the Secretary General to to Aid organizations like UNICEF for for a cessation for for for something resembling humanitarian corridors just so we can get supplies in and people can get out but not moving from one part to the other as we just heard I mean again UNICEF reiterates this idea from the

Secretary General to resend Israel to send the order for a million people to move you’ve got hospitals overflowing you’ve got children who can’t access medical care children who have injuries of War you got people who have lost all access to water they are drinking what they know is contaminated water and

You’ve got bombardments ongoing it’s it’s nightmarish but it’s real and it’s happening to hundreds of thousands of children whilst we speak and it’s the concern is not just for the able-bodied people but the children but the elderly those who are on life support under this total blockade concerns about whether they could even

Move down the street much less flee to Southern Gaza well exactly and and they can’t is the short answer if you are if you have someone in ICU and you have a lack of beds you’re asking doctors to make a decision in terms of who lives and who

Doesn’t in try to move people equally as a colleague from the World Health Organization said to try and move those people who have terrible wounds of war is a death sentence and these are wounds of war I’ve seen what shrapnel does when when buildings collapse or when shrapnel

From bombs and mortars goes through it’s designed to rip through concrete it’s unspeakable to say what it does to a child’s body and yet that’s what’s happening that’s why we see the fear and the tears so again is this plea to Israel but also to any country that has

You know powerful countries that have leverage for a cessation of for a moment of just um of peace in Gaza to to stop the attacks to open up humanitarian corridors a lasting solution is the only thing that’s going to happen here it’s going to be a political solution so

Let’s not see dozens or hundreds more Palestinian children killed and in the same breath let’s get those Israeli children who are most likely in Gaza who were taken hostage let’s that get them back to their families to their loved ones in Israel that’s a very clear call

On Hamas to do that yeah an very important call for for peace but James I mean we heard from Israeli authorities saying now is a time for war or organizations like yours do they have contingency plans if peace is not imminent look unfortunately UNICEF you right now we are dealing with Wars in

Ukraine in Sudan Le intense conflict in Sudan this is what we do it’s Frontline work the CH and we have very very brave I have very very brave colleagues in Gaza the challenge is that we need to constantly replenish supplies so medical supplies are fundamental making sure children have clean water power to

Hospitals which requires fuel which is something UNICEF does if we’re unable to replenish those supplies and we like many others are unable to do that because of this blockade that becomes very difficult no matter what no matter how the next days pan out but yes of

Course if we do see what is being threatened then we will have a humanitarian catastro atrophy for the civilians in Gaza we’re weing a flurry of a diplomatic activity in the past 24 hours more meetings today as well as this weekend um any of these world leaders any of these governments do you

Think they’re putting the humanitarian situation with as much importance that it deserves and trying to establish humanitarian corridors possibly oh I look I I certainly know from from my own organization from the Secretary General of the United Nation who’s been clear from the earliest outset and it would be using all all all

Influence from his office to try and affect some change within those governments to put the right pressure on to allow corridors to allow supplies but we’re having this discussion you and I and I was you know UNICEF was making this call on Saturday so we hope behind

Those closed doors and I know Security Council will meet again later we hope that those decisions are being made because otherwise we can see my colleagues on the ground can see what happens particularly what happens to children when those decisions are not made James real quickly um so much of

The focus on Gaza now the rest of the attention of course in Israel what about the occupied West Bank well indeed I mean I think I think what this relates to whether it’s the occupied West Bank or whether I listen to your news story early on and heard of

The horrendous stabbing of one or two people and who knows what the links to all these things are but it does seem like incend language is not helping anyone right now so across the region elsewhere we need everyone to take a step back from the brink most critically because hundreds of thousands of

Children are on the brink in Gaza James thank you very much for your time James Elder speaking to us from Geneva

Israel’s military ordered 1 million Palestinians on Friday to evacuate northern Gaza and head to the southern part of the besieged territory, an unprecedented order applying to almost half the population ahead of an expected ground invasion against the ruling Hamas militant group. For more on the dire situation, FRANCE 24’s William Hilderbrandt is joined by UNICEF spokesperson James Elder.
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