Revealing the BEST Online Business to Start in 2024

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another video. In today’s video, I’m going to be revealing the top business to start in 2024. Now, I know it’s early, but I’ve been seeing the trends on this, and I literally can’t hold this back anymore. My purpose here is to help you guys as much as possible,

And by getting this content to you earlier, I think it’s going to lead you ahead of the masses and make you a lot of money. So before diving too deep into this, the reason that this business model is the best business for 2024 is because of artificial intelligence.

Now, probably not what you guys are thinking. A lot of people are preaching how to use artificial intelligence to start an online business. However, I think you should do the opposite, because that’s what’s going to make you stand out. So essentially, artificial intelligence, specifically tools like ChatGPT, have started to break into

And dismantle a lot of online businesses. They started to disrupt them because you can create the content that you need for that online business in a fraction of the amount of time. So there’s a lot more competitors on a lot of these popular online businesses. So looking ahead into 2024,

What online business can you start that artificial intelligence cannot compete with? Well, I’ve found out what this online business is, and I’ve already made over a million dollars in profit from it. So fasten your seat belts. Let’s get into this,

And I’m gonna share as much of this as I can with you guys. What this business model is called is affiliate marketing. However, it’s not how you think. For the last several years, affiliate marketing has been based on creating blog type articles that are text and posting them on a niche website.

Those articles then rank on Google, and people come to your website organically. They click on your affiliate links. When they make a purchase, you get a commission. However, with the introduction of ChatGPT, creating these articles has turned from hours down to minutes. So there’s a lot more competitors.

It’s a little bit harder to succeed. So what I have figured out is that if you create videos for affiliate marketing and you post them on YouTube, one, artificial intelligence cannot create that human connection on video that we can create, and two, those videos get ranked on Google as well.

In some cases, those videos are getting ranked higher than all of the written blog articles. So this is the online business that’s going to make a lot of millionaires in 2024. And I’ve actually been doing this business model for a few years now, so I’ve learned a lot about it.

Just to give you guys some insight here, I have multiple different YouTube channels for affiliate marketing. I don’t put my name on these because I don’t want it to be skewed by this channel, but I’ve been doing the YouTube video affiliate marketing business model for about five years now.

Now, with that said, here comes the part in the video where I say, I could put all of this into free tutorials, but I’ve decided to put it into a paid course, and don’t hate me yet. You guys hopefully know my reputation by now. It’s all about full transparency, honesty,

Giving you guys everything, the behind-the-scenes look all for free on YouTube. However, with this specific business model, I wanted to do something special. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to give an exclusive group of you guys some serious advantage compared to the masses of people in online business.

I’ve already helped a ton of people a little bit. What I wanna do is now help a few people a lot. I wanna see if I can make a couple of you guys millionaires and then get that kind of feedback. I think that would be really fulfilling.

So I’ve basically gone into the trenches, learned how to do all of this, made over a million dollars in commissions, and then I spent the last two months laying all of this out in a step-by-step format and talking to the camera and showing on screen recording

As if I were sitting across the table from a family member. That’s one of the most important things that I want to convey here, is that nothing was held back, and I shared everything in as much detail and all of the tips and tricks as possible. It’s all in here.

And then all of this is in a paid course, so that there’s a paywall, so the masses of hundreds of thousands or millions of people can’t see this content on YouTube for free. So those of you who do enroll in the course have that exclusive information.

So if you wanna start an online business that is positioned extremely well and have a really good mentor show you how to do it, this is the absolute best thing that I can offer you. That’s it for this video. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and you absolutely crush it.

Links will be down in the description. As always, if you have any questions, just let me know down in the comments, and I’ll see you all in the next video.

Revealing the BEST Online Business to Start in 2024
Affiliate Marketing Course (with Free Preview):

In this video I share the best online business to start in 2024. Artificial Intelligence started playing a big role in online businesses in 2024, so if you want to succeed in 2024 you need to stay ahead of everyone else. Well, I’ve discovered an online business that AI can not compete with, and not many people have found out about it yet. I’ve been in business long enough to see that this specific business idea is the “right place at the right time” and will make many people millionaires in 2024.
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    I understand that this model is a great idea. But I am not someone who is good at making videos.

    But I am stilll thinking print on demand is my go too as a beginner.

    Would you still say print on demand is still a thing to get your foot in the door before moving to becoming a affiliate.?

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  23. Hello Greg! I am a Moroccan and i was wondering if i can take your youtube course without showing my face and without using my own voiceover ? Can i do that??

    Awaiting your reply ! thanks

  24. Hello Greg! I am a Moroccan and i was wondering if i can take your youtube course without showing my face and without using my own voiceover ? Can i do that??

    Awaiting your reply ! thanks

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    00:00:25 – The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Online Businesses
    00:00:53 – Starting an AI-proof Online Business
    00:01:20 – Introduction to Affiliate Marketing with ChatGPT
    00:01:50 – Success in Affiliate Marketing with YouTube Videos
    00:02:21 – Insider Secrets of Affiliate Marketing on YouTube
    00:02:51 – Exclusive Advantage in Online Business
    00:03:20 – Making Millionaires: My Journey and Step-by-Step Guide
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