Tier One Silver — We are in the infancy of a new silver discovery, says CEO Peter Dembicki

The fact of the significance of this hole um is is truly monumental for the company uh you know the the high grade surface footprint that we’ve encountered over 20 square kilometers uh the the feeder veins that we’ve identified the channel sampling that’s occurred over this huge footprint boom within six

Holes we’ve found a plus kilo intercept which is an extremely expedited uh hit the financial survival network now more than ever the financial survival network welcome this is the financial survival network i’m carrie lutz your host and it’s time for a sponsor update for tier one silver a company we have

Been following since its spin out from oren resources we’re here now with ceo peter dembicki and senior vp of exploration david smithson who’s down at the core shack right now in peru and well we’re quite confident that we knew this day was coming intersect of 400 1480

Grams per ton of silver over a meter quite extraordinary peter this appears to be the exact moment you were waiting for sure is kerry i mean this is uh probably something more that dave’s been working on for for years you know i’m fortunate enough to to parachute in at the last minute here

And get this thing listed and funded and everything but uh uh the work that has been done today the fact of the significance of this hole um is is truly monumental for the company uh you know the the high grade surface footprint that we’ve encountered over 20 square kilometers uh the the feeder

Veins that we’ve identified the channel sampling that’s occurred over this huge footprint uh you know was always in question is is this some sort of surface phenomenon is it only occurring on surface will they ever find something underground or does it exist underground and we got indications in

Our first batch of holes there was some some smoky indications there that we were close uh but since we made that pivot after hole three to drill directly under these veins um you know boom within six holes we’ve found a a plus kilo intercept which is

An extremely expedited uh hit in the in in in the sector so uh truly game changing for us and no longer is this a concept or a theory that’s driving uh you know our direction it’s geology and and now that we’ve we’ve had this intercept you know it’s

It’s game on we’re just getting revved up here so so dave uh welcome back and you’ve identified five major vein feeder vein structures the madre vein that’s the one you are you’re at now or your whole whole six intersected it what’s your feeling are you feeling vindicated

Yeah i think it’s um it’s following suit with what’s happening what’s what with what’s happened up to now i mean everything in this project’s always been on the upswing you know we identified this thing from a from a stream settlement and then we went on the stream settlement and there’s veins and we

Sampled those veins and they were high grade we expanded the footprint it was there we did the trenches we saw the intercepts in the trenches and we just drilled our first good feeder structure it was actually um three and a half meters of almost a kilo a half a kilogram of silver

With that internal of a meter of 1.48 kilograms so the structure’s got a bit of width to it and um it’s it’s just showing again that we’re on to we’re doing things in the right order we’re looking at the system in the right way and the question of um

The context of this of this intercept is important because it’s much bigger than just this intercept this project is much more interesting and much bigger than that intercept you know this is just one intercept on the road here right now and we have drilled uh four of the five feeders to date the

Fifth one being kambaya which we can’t reach right now in our current tool permit we hit 20 meters of almost 300 silver on on that structure we know where it is we’re permitting to go drill it but we’ve drilled the other four and and we have results for

There’s the first result through the the mother feeder and we got that result so we’ve we’ve drilled the structure four times now so we’ve got those results coming down the pipeline as well so um but in addition to the modern day i mean we’ve been saying they could individually collectively

Equal a discovery here any one of these structures has the potential of those five feeders and we’ve intersected mineralization on all of them except for the campaign so you know these these systems require huge amounts of drilling and what we’ve identified on the the mother structure

Is that it’s got about a kilometer of structure and we’ve just tagged it once and so we’ve shown that the mineralization continues it’s a near surface intercept we’ve got high grade close to surface and we’ve got high grade all over the surface as well so the project continues

To deliver for us um the the scientific work and you know everything we’re doing with the drills and all the different um multi-disciplinary uh scientific studies we do always point us to the these sorts of outcomes and so we’re really impressed with the intercept but it’s one intercept in a much larger story

All these veins could have the potential to produce a similarism and you’re just as as peter said this is the infancy of the discovery right yeah yeah it’s still it was still a long road um yeah a structure like this may take a hundred thousand meters of drilling to

Actually know what it is but i’ll be happy to drill a hundred thousand meters of intercepts like that i can punch it out yeah yeah it’s got to be exciting so peter as far as where tier 1 silver is now as opposed to where it was perhaps a

Couple of weeks ago can you just expound on that a little and what it means for investors and their potential payout down the road yeah i mean again i i it’s dave’s job to search globally when he’s looking at what we have on our hands here to source

Out comparison uh what’s out there what looks similar how did that go for them how did they come across their discovery was it them who initially drilled it or was it a company before them that tried to do it and didn’t get it and it’s my

Job in the capital markets to source out comparisons for publicly traded companies and uh you know so there’s a there’s a great uh company based out of vancouver with assets in mexico called businesses and they’ve had an incredible run over the last couple years and i would never

Compare our company today to where they are today but look at vizla you know in summer of 2020 uh their valuation and their share price trading around 35 cents and then they hit these first two uh discovery holes these these great intercepts and it catapulted their

Their entire company um from 30 cents to three dollars a share in a matter of a week and you know this is what we’re in it for right uh busil’s done a fantastic job and now they’re proving it out as a much bigger asset and um you know we’re right we’re in that

Like pre-discovery kind of face and for shareholders it’s an extremely exciting time because you know as much as we are trying to expedite this whole process and and put a discovery on everybody’s plate overnight you know we’ve gotta we gotta have patience with it uh but this is you know

Six whole this is hole number six and it is truly at the beginning and so we we love the fact that we have you know 15 holes that will be completed in this this first phase uh we’re currently on hole number 13. uh we are we are going to be wrapping up

Mid-december uh and and then you know that’s just kurbot and let’s not forget hurricane hurricane sometimes gets lost in it just because kirby is so active and so exciting uh but this this other property hurricane silver is coming coming to the forefront we have 15 plus trenches coming from hurricane

We love the indications that we’re seeing up there again we’ll have to pause with december for for rainy season but when that data comes backward we have two very exciting properties for shareholders to to really hang their hat on and this first you know plus kilo intercept was just

Uh a real nice feather in the cab for dave he knows there’s a lot more work to be done we all know that but uh truly exciting time for the company because uh again as i said goes from theory it goes from concept that whole vindicated validated everything and it’s uh it’s a

Really good feeling and now and now we press ahead and we get really aggressive with this and uh and hopefully have some similar better results yeah which is what we’re all hoping for so davey you always told us about your dynamic drill plan which you altered the

Plan as you were drilling kind of like building building a skyscraper and changing changing the plans as it’s being constructed but how does that figure in with the uh end of phase one beginning of phase two uh well it fits in to keep following up on those good results

So textually the modern day has been the best looking structure so far and that’s the job initially the job initially is get onto the best structure as early as you can we got into it on the sixth hole and we’ve modified our program to continue to to drill that structure out

And what’s coming before the end of the season is um this this structure was drilled right at the southern extremity of the structure and a kilometer to the north it’s we’ve got it mapped in in spectral data in field mapping and in geochemistry and we know where the structure is

And so our last modification which is our fifth modification since we started drilling mid-year is um is directed towards realizing more potential on that structure and so if we continue one kilometer to the north that structure intersects the volcanic edifice of the paleo volcano which formed these uh silver and gold veins so

We just started drilling underneath those um those are underneath the volcanic edifice and we’re hitting more veins so we’ll just continue to drill along that corridor and we’ll see how it varies whether it swells and pinches or they do swell and pinch and it’s just a question of volume so we’re just going

To try and get as many holes as we can before the end of the year we’re going to follow up on this result um we’ve got we’ve got some other nice looking holes coming down the pipeline that we’ve already drilled so we’re going to keep following

Up on those until the end of the year we’re at about four and a half thousand meters we’ve drilled uh we’re in our 13th hole since uh mid-year and we believe we’re gonna get another two more before we pause for the wet season mid december

Hey do you think that uh any of these other holes could show results as good as hole number six i mean obviously you’re hopeful but but you have a better idea of the structure and the geology now potentially there could be more great news in store yeah there potentially could be more

Great news in store so so peter you mentioned hurricane what’s the status of that project now so we were just granted access a few months ago uh so we had the opportunity to send a couple of our top geologists into the field uh do some sampling some channel

Sampling just really getting a feel for the project um and uh there’s some there’s some cool indications there’s these uh these old adidas that were discovered that uh maybe dave can tell you how old they might be they’re filled with water so it’s tough to get access but um they

Can sometimes go 2 to 300 meters into the ground you know and and no one’s going to do that on an independent small personal little mining unless they’re chasing high grade so it’s nothing indicative of high grade underground or anything that they’ve encountered but it’s a fun story

Fun little discovery that we’ve gotten up there but again uh we have a bunch of trench results channel samples in the in the lab uh that we should be receiving over the next four or five weeks that we’ll we’ll come to market with and it’ll really

Help us kind of gain an understanding of how we want to attack it but everything looks really good off the start and uh it’s a great complement to curb eye it’s just like a cherry on top yeah i remember when you got the initial the surface samples on curabaya and then

The channel samples and the grades were just bonanza grade and then the concern is always well is it is it below the ground uh as good as it above but here dave you’ve pretty much proven that what lies beneath is at least as good or perhaps even better than what’s above ground

Yeah no it’s um it’s i mean we’re really pumped on the result but there’s a lot of relief as well because you just never know it’s their miners gamble every time you drill underneath something on surface they do disappear and epithermal systems are particularly notorious for just disappearing

And they can stop and they can start so yeah we’ve put some holes through it along its strike length for a kilometer now and we’ve hit veins so this results telling us that it’s got good texture it’s got uh and it’s got high grade and that high grade on surface

A lot of people have bet against this project because it almost seems too good to be true and uh it doesn’t come along that often so it’s a real stan stand out in market because it’s unusual and um people have bet against it and so there is a certain amount of validation

For peter and i but um we don’t really care about that what we care about is drilling intercepts throughout distance and um this shows that there is high graded depth and if we continue to drill theoretically this should be more yeah so so now the game is basically just

Keep drilling you got the structures better mapped and you’ll continue to adjust your mapping of course but you you’re on to something you know where it is and it’s okay to feel good success is always the best revenge never forget that so so peter uh i guess at some

Point we’re gonna have to go raise some more capital perhaps but we’re sitting okay now with company funds yeah i’m still sitting comfortable right now and again we we pause our operations pause our drilling mid-december for rainy season uh so the burn rate drops significantly we’re good through uh

Through q2 of next year so it gives us an opportunity for well it gives dave an opportunity to catch his breath uh and really analyze all the data that’s come in for this from this first phase um gives us corporately a chance to really put a strategy together and make sure

That you know if we do come to market for anything it’s uh every dollar is accounted for um and and to keep us as lean and mean as possible uh but also be super aggressive right so um you know i get it the market i would make

In capital markets for some time and i understand the uh the impatience and and the the willingness to have a discovery tomorrow or yesterday uh and and that’s that’s not lost on us uh but we gotta do it right and and we’re gonna do it right and dave is the most detail-oriented guy

Uh i’ve ever met and you know his history uh just you know uh it proves that with with what he’s done in the past and the discoveries he’s made and sold for shareholders so uh stick with us we have a lot of fun coming in the next few months and uh

It’s gonna be a great ride and i’m sure besides just the institutional uh interest which no doubt this will spur you’re probably also going to get some industry attention from uh from those who are interested in projects like these for sure i mean just given our address and again we’ve

We’ve come across the first epithermal precious metal system on this prolific belt in southern peru and so right away that puts a lot of eyes on us our neighbors are some of the biggest in the industry you’ve seen the land position who surrounds us who’s been really aggressive in picking up land so

Yeah we have a lot of eyes on us a lot of incoming inquiries people want to know they want to know and uh this is the fun part because um you know we get an opportunity to uh to take this on ourselves this is a group that

Loves the opportunity they love the risk the early stages and we want to make the discovery ourselves so um it’s that much bigger of a payout for our shareholders and supporters down the road all right and like we say success nothing uh succeeds like success we’re

At the very beginning of it like you said the infancy but uh but this is a very healthy infant that has a long life ahead of them gentlemen thanks for coming on peter always a pleasure david let you get back to work i know you’re in peru and you’ve got things to do

Look go over to the website that’s tieronesilver.com make sure you sign up for notifications i got this press release just like the rest of you did and i immediately got on the phone to them and the tickers in the us tslvf and in canada tslv gentlemen great news we’ll touch base

With you in a little while when we hear from you again The financial survival network


Tier One Silver released some highly positive news from their Curibaya Project in Peru. CEO Peter Dembicki explaind that, “[Drill] Hole #6 is the first plus-kilogram intercept at Curibaya on a feeder vein that may host the extensive high-grade silver on surface, which gives us the confidence that we are in the infancy of a new silver discovery. Drilling along structures that have yielded positive channel sample results is proving to be a sound strategy as the Company looks to realize the vast potential of the property indicated through high-grade silver mineralization on surface.“

Senior VP of Exploration David Smithson, speaking to us from the core shack at Curibaya, further clarified, “The positive results from hole 6 represent a major advancement in our understanding of the controls on high-grade mineralization within the project. The combination of alteration vectoring, targeting the margins of high chargeability anomalies and surface geochemical channel sampling is paying dividends with the drill. These results continue to support our view that Curibaya has the potential for a major discovery.”

Clearly these results are a major milestone in Tier One’s advancement towards a major discovery. Smithson suspects that there are a number of similar structures throughout their extensive land package and the team believes that their thesis has been further validated. Results are due in for 9 more holes. Dembicki is expecting more good news. As shareholders we’re excitedly looking forward to the next release.

Website: www.TierOneSilver.com
Ticker Symbols: OTCQB: TSLVF — TSX-V: TSLV
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