How To Start Print on Demand With $0 | STEP BY STEP | NO SHOPIFY & NO ADS! (FREE COURSE)

Hey buddy and business family my name is Isabella I am the owner of two six figure earning online businesses and welcome to this free print on demand course I am committed to 100 free education and people do charge thousands of dollars for the information that I

Give you guys 100 free all I ask in return is that you smash that like button for the YouTube algorithm And subscribe to my channel so I can continue to make free courses just like this so if you are someone that you’ve always wanted to start your own clothing

Brand or clothing line or maybe you want to sell products online but you don’t want to hold any inventory this is going to be the best free course for you showing you how you can actually get started with zero dollars and by the end of this video you’ll be all ready to

Launch your own online store with print on demand so let’s get right into this free print on demand course so how does print on Demand work so with print on demand you design a product and you put it into your online store I’m going to show you how to do this today then

You’re going to Market it and a customer will place an order on your website for the price product then your print on demand company is going to print that product for you and ship the order to your customer so you don’t have to do any shipping you don’t have to worry

About creating the clothes all you’re basically having to do is create the design and product and once a customer places the order on your website your print on demand company will do all the rest for you and you’ll keep the profits so why do I love print on demand so I

Love this business model because you can start with zero dollars there’s no inventory commitment so you don’t have to have you know boxes of clothes in your house and you don’t even have to worry about shipping it is definitely a lot less saturated than drop shipping and there’s the possibilities are

Endless you can create so many different designs and your print on demand supplier I’m going to show you one that has super fast shipping so you don’t have to worry about looking for a product to sell like how you do with Drop Shipping here’s what you’re going

To learn in this free course you’re going to learn what print on demand really is how to design your own clothing how to create a low logo for your brand how to build your print on demand store for free of course zero dollars monthly how to Market and get

Sales and lastly how to fulfill orders and connect the print on demand supplier with your online store so usually people that teach print on demand they just always recommend the same thing which is using Shopify and buying ads and I really just feel like both of these things are unnecessary especially for

Beginners as a beginner it’s important to just get started I definitely did not have any money when I first started my entrepreneurship Journey so that’s exactly how I teach you on my YouTube channel so this is what your customer is going to receive I ordered a whole box of

Samples to show you guys what everything looks like and when we look here you guys can see it comes from like a random address and they even put your company’s name here like this is what I set mine up to be because this is going to be

Mika’s merch store so I put her my company name here I even put a picture that they customized on the label and everything like that so that looks awesome it doesn’t say like from printful it says it’s from you so opening up this box this is what we got

They even include a packing slip but don’t worry the original prices are not on this packing slip it just pretty much says what exactly they ordered and again has your company name with a random address and your picture that whatever you pick so now let’s go ahead and check the

Quality of the clothes and I’m going to show you guys exactly how all of these came out so this is how it comes they package all of them up in bags like this which is really nice it’s not like just like thrown in here um you know they have everything folded

So let’s go over all the clothes now I’m going to spread them out and show you guys what we got start with the t-shirt designs so you guys can see like it printed really nicely so like I uploaded a file and I originally took this picture with my iPhone so like this

Wasn’t taken with like a professional camera or anything so you guys know I showed you guys in this video how I designed this I added the words um as well with printful but you guys can see it printed really nicely and then the tag just says cotton Heritage

Which is like the brand of the actual like t-shirt company and then I got a size small it shows that this is the hoodie that I got and this design was pretty small this was also just like um a printed one it wasn’t embroidered and this looks really nice like I’m actually

Super impressed with the quality of how it prints and the hoodie itself is super thick like it’s not like a cheap material so it’s something your customers would definitely be happy with so this is the other hoodie that I ordered you guys can see embroidery is right here and it looks really hot

Holiday like I really love how it turned out so I also added text to the sleeve so that’s embroidered and I just feel like that’s a really nice addition so whenever you’re like looking down at your hands it’s like a little reminder so you could do like you know some

Positive quotes there or something that you know I feel like that’s more unique like not everybody’s doing that so I just wanted to add that in first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how you’re going to create your designs with printful and then I’m

Going to show you how to set up your own website 100 free zero dollars monthly I went ahead and went to this is personally my favorite platform for print on demand so the first thing that you’re gonna do is you’re going to make an account with printful I did put a

Link down in the description that you can use to sign up I do get a little something if you do sign up with that link so I greatly appreciate it and for supporting the Channel Once you are logged in and you create an account with the link in my description you are going

To come to this page this is your printful dashboard so let’s click on product templates this is on the left over here and this is where all of your product templates are going to be you guys can see I made a lot of different designs

Here and I’m going to show you guys how you can do exactly the same thing so the first thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to show you how to make a hoodie like this this is actually embroidered so this is really nice so to design your product just click on

Product templates it’s going to show you all the different products that you can sell in your online store so just for this tutorial we’re going to just do one from the men’s clothing but you guys can see they have kids they have accessories home and living like pillows and mugs they have different

Branded items just so many things that you guys can customize and sell in your online store so let’s go ahead and just click on men’s clothing and we’ll just find a unisex hoodie which if you don’t know what that means is just basically for men or women

So let’s just click on this one all men’s clothing you guys can see they have so many different things that you guys can customize here so first let’s go ahead and do something pretty basic this is the men’s classic tee now I like this one because of these reasons so

First of all this shirt costs you around 11 to make it you can also see here that the estimated delivery is five to ten days so when your customer orders from your website this design this shirt it’s only going to take five to ten days for

Your customer to actually get it I also like this one because they have lots of different colors so you can really customize this with different colors which will help with your Creative Design we’re gonna start with designing this shirt now if you are an artist or you already

Have a picture or a logo that you want to put on the shirt you can actually drop your design right in here which I’m going to show you how to do that as well but I first want to show you guys how you can actually make clothing with like

Words on it so if you wanted to make like a a brand that had like different quotes and things like that you can do that this way so I do love that with printful too they have an embroidery option so not only do they have like a

Printing option but you can actually get things embroidered which is really nice because I feel like embroidering can look very expensive and nice so I really love that they have that option so let’s go ahead and click on design and since I’m showing you guys like one

That you’re going to use like if you’re starting like a brand with like quotes we’re going to just click add text because it’s pretty self-explanatory if you just wanted to upload your logo so go ahead and click add text and they give you different text options

That you guys can use that are pretty trendy here but I wanted to do something a little different like the one I showed you earlier so I’m going to do one like this so I’m going to write faith and we’re just going to change the color by clicking color and details here we’re

Going to make that white since this is a black shirt you can go back to text and I’m actually going to just click enter and then I’m gonna just use like this line just to make like a line and I could have technically made this

Into a logo guys I’m just kind of doing this as an example and then I’m just doing fear on the bottom so I’m just writing fear Faith over fear so then go back to font and you guys can see they have so many different fonts here so like you can

Make it look different like however you know if you want something more like I feel like this is what some people will prefer and then other people might prefer something like more um simplistic so something like that so it really just depends on like what you prefer I feel

Like this kind of font looks more masculine so like this would be maybe better for um this kind of shirt and you can also see the letters better when the text is thicker too so like you kind of have to think of things like this so you can make it

As big as you want as long as it stays in this section if you try to drag your design out of the design section it won’t let you do that also if you guys want to put your design right in the middle they also have a

Option for that all you have to do is just click on Center chest but you do have to pick either left chest or Center chest like you can’t have both obviously but if you wanted to have this in the center you just clicked Center chest and it would just be right

Here but I feel like this just looks more aesthetic and in style with today’s style like I rather wear that than just something in the middle but for a lot of you guys making quote shirts you may want something in the middle so it’s more like bold and you can see it better

When people are searching for your product which I’ll talk about marketing later in this video and you guys can see too like you know they have like large Center left sleeve top right sleeve top like you guys can customize so many different parts of this shirt so I really love that you can

Even customize like the labels so if you really wanted to Brand your products and make it look like you know this is your brand they even allow you to um you know switch things up and like put different things in here now if you wanted to do something like

Extra special like say you wanted to add in this part they do charge you an extra two dollars and fifty cents so it really just depends on if you want that you know how how much you actually prioritize having that on your clothing label if I’m a beginner I’m just going

To click no branding because we’re going to try to you know keep this as affordable as possible just until we know that we see profits we see that we’re getting sales but I just wanted to show you guys all the different options that you guys can really customize this

So whenever you add in something right here they’ll actually like show you like the layers of things that you’ve added in here and they even have like a clip art section so you guys can see they have so many Graphics here so like if you were starting something that um you

Know had to do with like saving animals or like you know non-profit or something they just have like so many cool things here that you can add in and I love that they can also be embroidered in as well because I just like I mean come on that

Looks really cool like I love that like putting that on the side here like you know you could like situate that this way and like you know it looks pretty cool like you could create really nice designs with us so let’s go ahead and we’re gonna just go through this

Whole tutorial so now go ahead and just click continue when you’re done with your design and you’re going to name this product template now so we’re going to name this Faith over fear unisex T even though it says it’s meant it’s technically like men or women can

Wear it then you’re going to click add sizes and I usually will just um select all sizes because they offer all sizes and then you’re going to just click save product template now we have our product template saved in with our other products and I even

Love that they even give you a rendering that you guys could technically use that so if you wanted to use like this model on your website and use this photo all you guys have to do is just click on these three dots and then just click on download mock-ups

And it literally allows you to download your product with the mock-ups so people can see exactly how they’ll look so like you can have like the on the hayner markup the model markup so I just need one for our website for now so I’m just

Going to click on this one and then just scroll down it’ll give you the option to do either this or this um but I’ll just click on generate mockups see everything is very user friendly with this website as well like you guys you know a new somebody that’s

New to doing stuff online like wouldn’t know the difference between jpg and PNG but I just love how like they make it so user friendly like they tell you guys exactly what those things are so I really love that as you can see they downloaded straight to my computer after

I clicked download mockups and we now have an amazing PNG image of our shirt and obviously this is the maroon color but we can offer different colors on our site and this is the picture that we can now use for our website so here is the mug that I

Ordered the don’t fluff and talk to me until I get my coffee that I customized also in printful you guys can see that both sides are printed um I chose to do that you can actually do different things on each side but I just wanted to keep it the same

Um but yeah like everything printed really nicely on this and everything looks really good it did come separate from the clothes it came in this box which they did put like a fragile Handle With Care sticker on it so it was It was obviously shipped in a great way and

What I did was I just uploaded my dog’s picture and then I just used the layering um to add on just the text so I just uploaded the photo like how I showed you guys how you could upload pictures if you guys wanted to make mugs for example

This is something how you could do it I just clicked on design and what I did was I just uploaded a picture of my dog and I just added in these words on this thing it was really cool because it copied it to each side so there’s a lot

You can do just with mugs as well so another really popular way to customize is through canva they even have a t-shirt option which is super convenient and they even like show you like how you need to size things for certain projects I actually went searching on Tick Tock

And I found so many helpful people with amazing tips showing you guys exactly how they make their designs and it always helps me when I see what other people do as well like you guys can watch like how I do things but it’s also important to you know really like look

And see how other people are designing things too because you can get more and more ideas that way canva has so many different fonts and pictures that you can use completely for free it’s personally one of my favorite sites for like design that’s how I make my

Thumbnails I’ve made a lot of like banners and things for my website through canva so go on canva play around and you will be amazed at how many things you can create just through canva then once you find the design and you create the design that you want and that

You like you can save the image and then upload it to printful kind of like how I showed earlier on where to do that at so now that we have your product I’m going to go ahead and now show you how to set up your own website and list this

Product now I’m going to show you how to create your own website slash online store 100 free zero dollars monthly I put the link in the description so you can create a free account with this website host so once you’re done creating an account with that link in my

Description it will bring you to this page and we’re going to set up your online store so it already kind of knows like where I’m from so you’re going to put your country US dollar in online store click next you do not have to do this you can just skip right through this

You don’t really have to do this either and you don’t have to do this either so click next through all of those now it’s just going to show you the different things that you can purchase for the monthly plan but we’re not going to do that because they have a free

Forever plan that is zero dollars a month and this is literally perfect for beginners so the reason why I want you guys to start for free zero dollars monthly is because nothing blows up overnight everything is a process and I don’t want anyone especially a beginner to be paying out monthly for something

That they’re not really even making money with yet so that’s why I show you guys how you can actually start with zero dollars so go ahead and click create a store then it’s going to bring you to this page and it even gives you a checklist to follow to actually go

Through it and you guys can see like okay this takes 10 minutes five minutes one minute it even shows you like how long you’re actually going to take to do this so the first thing we’re gonna do is set up your website and storefront so go ahead and just click on this one

Gonna just take you straight to what your website is going to look like so this is what it looks like right now because we haven’t done anything so the first thing you’re going to do is go to address settings now this is what your free domain is

Going to be which I love so you’re gonna just type in whatever you want your shop name to be and this is going to give you the free domain so I’m just going to name mine body and now if you already have your own domain

You can click setup domain here I do have a tutorial about how to set up your own domain but if you do want a custom domain like for example if I wanted body and I would have to purchase that like you can’t just have

It like it’s not free right but this one is free which I love so go ahead if you want to set up your own domain you can do that but when I was a beginner and I just started out I just used this one like the basic one that they provided

You for free because remember guys the marketing is the most important which I’ll get to in this video so once you’re done with this just click save so I don’t know how the body and business was already taken so I’m just going to add I’m just gonna have to switch things up

Here I’m going to call it body and Biz merch which if you guys already know like this just this happens sometimes stuff is taken okay so click save so now that’s saved and um make sure you guys go down here too this is going to just

Be your store name so we’re going to call this body and Biz merch and click save now go ahead and click themes this is where you’re going to pick your website theme and I love this website host because they have so many different themes and they’re all free like all of

These that you see right now are free to use so I do really love um like a simplistic theme so I’m pretty in between these two I’m gonna go with Garden because you know this shop is going to be all about you know self growth and and faith and everything like

That because you guys know that’s I prioritize that on my channel because it’s so important so let’s go to headline and cover we’re gonna call this um but you know for now we’re gonna just call it the body and Biz merch store I try to keep things short when you guys

Keep things short it just looks neater um and I like how it already has like we’re a local we’re a small local apparel shop for those who are amazing we’re gonna say you know something you could say something about clothing or anything like that if you guys are ever

Stuck on a quote like you were just needing a quote Google is your best friend you guys can just search something on Google and you’d be so shocked as to how many things you can just find on Google so many ideas I’m gonna just leave a lot of these just

Basic because I really just want to get through this tutorial and not waste any of you guys’s time so once you’re done there just scroll down and you can kind of pick you know how you want this to look too now I personally would go with

The top menu bar because I don’t like it when there’s just like this full screen and you have to like scroll down even though it does look really nice like this I just like it if it just is like straight to the products so you could

Even do like half screen like I think half screen looks very professional too so we’ll go ahead and leave it on half screen then um you know you guys can even like position like they I love how many things you can just like switch around and change

Um it just I really like this setup right so scroll down and you can change your background to something different obviously like if you wanted to put the model that we had on printful as your background you could do that or whatever you want um take your own pictures with

Your own samples whatever you want to do um so then you know I would leave shop now just leave it there it looks more unprofessional it even lets you um you know come down here and like really just change the colors of the fonts you can

Go through like this is just stuff to have fun with like don’t take this too seriously try different things see what looks good um you know just don’t take some time to just go through this and see like what what defines you what do you think looks

Great what would you like you can look at other websites for examples too and that always helps me so you guys can see there’s tons of customization options at your fingertips that are completely free to use with this website host you can even go through like customer

Testimonials so if you wanted to add reviews here you could from different people like you could do friends and family they also have an area for like the company’s Mission like why did you start this company what are you about and they even allow you to customize the

Images of your products so if you wanted to make these you know like a little bit smaller or bigger you can I would keep them bigger since we’re not going to have a whole lot of products just starting off you’re gonna just keep them like that so now that your store is

Looking beautiful and we have it exactly how we want to have it now you’re gonna just go up to here you can click view website or just go back to the store dashboard so we’re gonna just go back to the dashboard and go through the rest of

That checklist so we can finish setting up this website so the next thing that we’re going to add is your product so go ahead and click on this now they already have a bunch of sample products for you here so what you could technically do is you could actually

Edit the product so like it’s already ready so like you see what they put you know what I’m saying like see how they put like material color fit down here they they show you the sizes like everything’s like really um organized here so you guys could technically leave all of this here

Um you know I wouldn’t use I personally don’t use um this the US key you um but you can name it like so what literally what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna just change this name so unisex Faith over fear shirt and we’re gonna just remove these pictures

And upload the image that we saved from the site so I just uploaded the image that we saved from printful and we’re gonna just give that a minute to finish loading and there we go it uploaded and you guys can really just use this description to help you out like write yours

Um you know this shirt is blah blah blah um yeah like it’s very basic and like I said if you need some inspiration you can look at other websites too to get some ideas now once you’re done with this part you’re gonna just click on options

And this is where we’re going to add in the options for your product so if you are you know selling different sizes or colors this is where that’s going to be and then you guys can see too right here you know you’re you’re gonna click size

Um if you want to add a different one like extra large we’ll just put that here and if you if you do need to um change the price up you can do that here as well otherwise if you don’t change the price you don’t add you know this is

Where you’d add money then you can just this is going to be the basic price for all of the sizes which sometimes you have to do because if you’re selling extra large sometimes printful charges extra for extra large rather than small so that’s why you will be adding to

These variations if you need to otherwise they’re just going to go with the default value which would be the twenty dollars and if you wanted to add color so like you guys see sizes already so you guys can click on add new Option and then you’re going to click on color

So here you’re going to click add new value you can do pink add new value blue and so on and so forth so you guys can add all your options right here now once you’re done with that then the next option is shipping and pickup now this

Is a little bit different and if you guys go down to um me personally I would either offer a free shipping because it just makes it more simple or you can do the fixed rate per item now what I would do you know for every single item I think a very

Fair price to charge would be between 575 you know five dollars and 75 cents so somewhere between there to six dollars it really just depends on your profit margins so I would just leave it about that um because and we’re gonna go over profit margins later in this video too

So they do have a section here it’s called CEO rankings now me personally I don’t focus on CEO because I focus on marketing my products without like I’m not expecting someone to just Google my store and it comes up like I put it in people’s faces on social media and

That’s how I’m going to teach you guys how you guys can do that as well you can enable the related product section too so if you want products underneath the products that you are selling on the site it’ll show you it’ll show the buyer other suggestions too so I really love

That they have this because this will increase people to want to buy more products for you at the same time and of course the buy now button you can also embed this it’s really easy you just go through the process so they can buy it immediately through the product

Um they don’t have to like go through the cart you know like add to cart and purchase that way so that’s really cool that they have that as well and I love how it reminds you to make sure you save it so when you’re done saving it you

Just click the save button or control s and it’s saved so now we’re gonna go back and we’re gonna just get ahead and get rid of all these sample products because we don’t need them anymore but I really do actually love that they put the sample products because you do get a

Basis of um what you’re actually doing like you got to see how they set up theirs so that did definitely help us in this process so let’s go ahead and just delete all of these so now that all of those are deleted we just have the

Product that we set up with our two options which is different sizes and different colors if you did want to import your products through uh um CSV file you can do that here otherwise this really takes only five minutes to do so now that we’re done with this one and

This one now we’re gonna just go through these and we kind of already did the delivery we already did that through this one but this is just like additional information for delivery um and then this is like Regional settings so if you only want to sell to

The United States you’re going to set that up through here now we’re going to go to set up payment options so go ahead and click on that now with aquid this website host you can do pay by cash this is like if you went to events and did it but obviously

You’re not going to do that because you don’t even have inventory so we’re going to turn that off because with print on demand it’s all just basically like Drop Shipping it’s print on demand so these are the options that they give you for the payment options so I personally on

My website I use stripe and PayPal squares for like in-person stuff usually so stripe is how the customer can pay with their credit card and this fee you guys is very very normal for um processing payments like this is the basic fee like you guys can Google this

Yourself and look it up even if you use Shopify or Wix they also use stripe I don’t know about Shopify but I know Wix uses Stripes so it’s like literally the same thing as if you’re paying a website host like just because you pay for like one of those more expensive website

Hosts like Wix or Shopify they still take the same exact fee so not only are you paying monthly and there’s it’s not as simple as this like it’s a lot more involved but you also it’s going to be basically the same thing so don’t think you’re really

Missing out on anything with those so I personally accept PayPal and stripe because some people do prefer to pay with PayPal so stripe um like I said is allowing you to collect custom your customers like um payments that way and you guys know what PayPal is so those

Are the ways that you can now there are other ways and other Alternatives that you guys can add but to keep it simple I just use those too okay so we just got through the entire checklist your store is now 100 set up your store is this one

So we’re gonna see exactly how that looks and this is what your store is going to look like now obviously it’s going to look even more beautiful when you have multiple listings here um since we just added one it just looks kind of like Lonely with just one but

It’s gonna look so good once you guys have all your products in here um so basically this is what your website would look like they even say like this is your storefront preview and then you guys you know will obviously make this a thousand times better than even this

Um you can remove this as well in the customization options it’s easy to just get rid of and then you can change this like to your email not your personal email but like the new email that you create for your store and you can either even put your social media things down

Here so it just looks more legitimate so now that you have your store set up and you have your products ready you’re probably wondering okay now once I get a sale what am I gonna do like what’s the next step so what you’re going to do is

You’re actually going to go up to this button up here just called New Order and you can automate this you guys so ecwid does connect with printful and you can automate the two with ecwid printful does integrate with it so you can install the printful app right into your

Ecwid store just by clicking install that is just gonna have you sign in to your printful so the printful account that you made you’re gonna just sign in so once you log into your printful you’re just gonna click connect store with with your printful account and now you basically have everything under one

Roof so you have your ecwid store so once you log into your ecwid store you can control your printful through the ecwid store printful even has challenges so if you guys go through these challenges they’ll give you free coupons that you guys can then use to order your

Samples of your products as well and create videos with them so once somebody orders from your store you’re gonna just click on New Order now that I’m just going to show you the manual way of doing it but you can automate this once you start getting

More and more orders so go ahead and click new order then you’re just going to click create your order and don’t worry guys about this red thing up here this is just because I didn’t fully set up that shipment um tab but you guys would have already

Done that once you guys click new orders just click on product templates and just click on the product that your customer ordered then you’re going to just pick the color pick the size so because we decided to do embroidery it is an extra six dollars and fifty cents we would

Have to sell this shirt for around thirty dollars to actually make a good profit so then you’re gonna put in all of your customers shipping information here so you can kind of bounce back and forth between your orders like usually I’ll split the screen I’ll put my

Customers order on the one side of the screen and then this on the other side of the screen and just fill in their information this way it really only takes a few minutes and you can just copy and paste each thing over so once we put in the customer’s

Address and exactly where it’s being shipped to it’ll actually show you the estimated delivery date and it will also show you the price breakdown so because we did embroidery which you guys know embroidery is going to be more expensive because it’s something that’s more specialized the shipping is really only four dollars

But like I said remember how we priced our ship our shipping price around at five dollars and seventy five cents so I did that because that could technically cover some of this and like the taxes and everything like that so if you really wanted to you could even just

Charge the shipment price to be like you know seven dollars and that could cover more of this kind of stuff so then you can make more profit but you know I know some people when they see shipping they’re like uh so it really just depends on like what you want to use as

Your tactic if you want to use free shipping or if you want to increase the shipment price to kind of cover the cost or just price the product more so at this point seeing what our actual cost is going to be for the product it’s

Useful I would think to you know try to make at least 10 like I would want to see you at least make ten dollars per sale at least so that’s the goal and you guys that’s like with everything like they’re doing everything for you all you’re doing is listing it on your

Website and marketing it so even though this is your total this is what you’re gonna pay with the customers money and you know ship it to them then you’ll keep the profits um I want to see you at least making ten dollars so just make sure you know go

Through each product see how much it’s gonna you know cost to ship and everything like that that’s how you’re going to set your prices so you know nothing is quick right like everything’s a process so that’s something that I recommend you do if you do need to go back and forth you

Can just click save as a draft and you guys will see here that whenever you make a draft for a customer like if you need to go back and check on something or whatever you need to do they’ll save it right here this is also where your

Fulfilled orders will go too so like when you make a new order that will also go here usually you’re going to attach a credit card of some sort to printful that way they will charge you usually like they’ll just charge the credit card so like you don’t have to continue to

Like put your credit card in because you know that’s like takes way too much time when the customer orders from your website they’re going to pay you let’s just say you know the just say 35 right so you’re going to get that 35 typically within two to three business days that’s

How fast stripe or PayPal PayPal is actually usually immediate it goes into your PayPal balance immediately but stripe typically takes a few days to go into your bank account so to depending on what payment you collect you can either use a credit card or just stay on

Your website if you don’t have a credit card and you have no money don’t worry you can stay on your website and just say um there is a processing time of two to three business days so that you know protects you so the customers will know that there’s a processing time and then

That will allow you to have time to collect your payment to then pay for the product itself when you ship it to the buyer now if you guys do want to make your own logo and like remember how I said you guys can just like upload a

Logo instead of just you know making it from scratch every single time like I showed you guys so what you can do is you can actually go to this website it’s called This is personally my favorite lovable maker because it’s so easy so just pretend you know we made a

Brand Faith over fear right so we’re going to type in faith over fear and then just click create your free logo so you can just type in whatever you want there then you’re going to show share what it’s for so we’re gonna put for clothing so click next this just helps you

Um get icons so this is how you could actually make the logo they give you a bunch of different things that you can use here now obviously you guys see these are horizontal right all you’d really have to do to um fix this is you can actually just click on any one that

You want so like let’s just pretend we clicked this one and you can customize this however you want to do but to make it um up and down like vertical click on layouts right here you could either change it this way so you can make it an

Actual logo this way if you wanted to and they even show you like how it would look on the clothings like this is kind of like print on Demand right like they would show you exactly how it’s going to look so this is something that you can

Also do it even shows like mugs bags so um this is what I would play around with if you want to create your own logo to actually upload to the site so that’s another way that you could go and do it that way you don’t have to customize it

Exactly like how we did you know but I I kind of like customizing it because I do want you know a different variety but that’s just another option if you want to create your own logo so another popular way that people do print on demand is through using Etsy canva and

Printful but Etsy is like what they’re actually selling on so I don’t teach it this way and it’s not my favorite way just because Etsy takes so many fees and they charge you fees even before you make money so you guys already know I’m all about starting with zero dollars and

If you guys do want me to make a course dedicated to Etsy print on demand and give you guys my full review of it I definitely can just let me know down in the comment section but this is I just wanted to bring this up that this is a

Popular way that a lot of people do teach and I’m not um I don’t disagree with it but if you were marketing your own product then you should keep you know all the profit you shouldn’t like give some to Etsy but if you create an Etsy store and

They’re getting you sales then that’s when it’s worth it so now that you have your print on demand store all set up how are we gonna get sales this is going to be through the way that you promote and Market your online store one of the best ways to promote your print on

Demand store is by using Pinterest Pinterest launched this thing called ideapins which allows you to put a link directly into the pin I’m going to show you exactly how you can make this now I do like this because you can use photos and promote through photos Pinterest is

Actually a search engine so people already know what they’re looking for when they go searching on Pinterest so now I’m going to show you how to post an idea pin on Pinterest so I do have a business account it’s free to have a business account with Pinterest and all

I did was I just clicked the plus button click idea pin you’re gonna pick the photo you want and then click next now in the title is where I add all of the keywords so in this title I add like say I made this shirt for Husky lovers

So I’m gonna put husky lovers dog animal like I’m gonna add a bunch of keywords that’s related to that theme which is dogs it’s a funny husky shirt then in the notes that’s where you’re going to add other information you could say shop with us now or something like

That in the in the notes section because that’s going to be like your caption for the image on Pinterest then you guys can see that you can put your link right here to your shop then you can just go down you can click tag related topics

And add more here it allows you to add so many that are related to your Niche click done and then when you’re done just click publish down here printful actually has a little incentive program that if you complete the tasks they will give you points in order to

Get samples and order your own samples of the clothing as well so I definitely would recommend taking advantage of this if you can’t afford samples you can use this program to help you get samples you guys already know one of my favorite ways to Market is by using Tick Tock and

Instagram reels and Pinterest as well but for more like video platforms um but with print on demand you guys only have photos unless you order your own sample now if you guys want to order your own samples and make videos and then post them that’s going to be even

Better because it builds trust with the customer and it shows them that like okay this is your brand so if you can order samples that would be ideal if not you can use the renderings and the free PNG images that printful gives you remember that I have an entire free

Marketing course on my YouTube channel if you need help getting sales with your online store so you made it all the way to the end of this free course and I hope you learned a lot about what print those demand is how you can get started and be successful with this online

Business model if you’re new here I have a whole playlist of 100 free courses and I also have so many videos that are dedicated to helping you guys make money online all I ask in return is that you smash that like button and subscribe to my YouTube channel so if you haven’t

Already done that that’s the one thing that you guys can do that’s 100 free and helps me so I can continue to help as many people around the world as possible I’m just trying to get my story and knowledge to as many people as possible which is why my content will always be

Free and I hope this free course helps you out tons if you haven’t already make sure you are also subscribed to my Instagram at body and biz for more business inspiration and updates just remember that there are fake accounts of me in the comment section and even on

Instagram so please be careful I will never message you first I’ll never try to sell you anything or get you to invest in anything please be careful hope you guys learned a lot and I’ll see you guys in my next video bye everyone

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