Dollar store deals: Testing Dollarama and Dollar Tree (Marketplace)

[♪♪♪] [Steven] We’re on the hunt for a deal… Got some Chef Boyardee… Going into your favourite dollar stores. I love saving money. When you’re on a budget it’s important to save. Great place to go to get things at a more reasonable price. Everyone wants a bargain and stores like these are everywhere.

What is the value of a dollar to you? A lot, ‘cause a dollar can go towards milk or formula, it’s very important to me. You do keep a close eye on your bottom line. Yeah, ‘cause I– I to go from monthly to monthly. [Steven] But are we really getting the best deal?

To find out we’re getting help from Renu Bansal and Joe Fazzari for the ultimate dollar deal showdown. We live very close by so whenever I need a few things then I do come by here. How often do you get out to dollar stores? I would say two, three times a week.

[Steven] They’re off to the dollar stores and we head to Walmart all of us armed with a list. So, 680 mil, bigger size dollar 87. [Steven] We find the same products here and we’ll use them to compare pricing of products from the dollar stores. [Joe] This is a game to me.

I want to beat the man, whoever the man is, you know? [Steven] Both are dollar store fans who think they know how to stretch their dollar to the max. [Renu] Every little penny counts. I don’t want to waste any money or pay extra unless I have to. Is this 3.50?

[Steven] Renu is at one of the more than 1,400 Dollaramas in the country. There are around 230 dollar tree stores in Canada and this one’s around the corner from Joe. What did you buy at other stores? [Steven] I think that’s the exact same one we bought, yeah. The list has food, snacks…

We’ve got some Pringles here. Cleaning supplies, toiletries, even some fun stuff. [voice] Hot Wheels! [Steven] And it’s adding up. Something you tell us is pretty common. Go in with a list and then I’m like, oh yeah, that, that, and it’s only a dollar so that’s great! Add it to my bag.

You just think it’s cheap and just grab a whole bunch of stuff, by the time you leave it’s, you know, forty bucks by the time you leave, right? Isn’t that interesting? [♪♪♪] [Steven] We meet up with Professor Markus Giesler. He’s the editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and a

Professor at York University. The way the merchandise is presented to us, is designed to make us buy more than we absolutely need. That’s also, quite honestly, the trap that many consumers fall into. Myself included. I have some bad news for you, we’re going to take all this now.

There’s a lot of good junk food there, you know? [laughs] There is. All done at Walmart! We got everything our other shoppers have gotten. Now we’ve got to break down the numbers see how we did. Shopping is generally a lot of homework, which is why dollar

Stores tell us as consumers, you come here, you don’t have to do this homework because already we give you this promise that the products you will find here are below market price when in actuality, they might not always be. [Steven] Let’s face it we’re all too busy to look at every

Purchase like this. So, we do the math for you. Got a lot of products here. [tester] We do. Figuring out how much each item costs when we break it down to the same unit size. This is 194 grams. Like these Pringles. Two different sizes. I have the little one here.

This is 67 grams. And different prices. [tester] $1.25. [Steven] $1.25, okay. So, we figure out the price if they were all a 100 gram can. Time to tell the shoppers how they did. We crunched the numbers, we consulted with some experts. The same brand, almost the same size as some of

The things you bought. Froot Loops are back. [Renu] Oh, the smaller size. [Steven] Dollar Tree sells this for a buck twenty-five. But it’s only 87 grams. The others? Bigger. Dollarama beats the other two on this and overall seems to be doing okay with prices about the same or less as its competitors.

But Dollar Tree is the more expensive choice when it comes to price per unit. [Markus] So, you can tell, promise broken. Stores like these should be partners that help make such a family’s or such a person’s life easier and not more difficult.

[Steven] All of Joe’s stuff was a buck 25 or a buck 50. His biggest savings at Dollar Tree beating out the others? These Smarties and Lever 2000 body wash. So, you’d think he has an edge but after our price per unit analysis of 17 items 12 of them were as expensive or more

Expensive than the other shopper’s. No kidding. Starburst, Hot Wheels, those chips, that chocolate bar. Oh wow. [Steven] Toothpaste, soup, this cat food. All priced the same or less at Dollarama. But at Dollar Tree 40 per cent of those 17 products we looked at are more expensive in a price per unit comparison.

You know you’re only spending a dollar 25, a dollar 50 but… Well, it certainly adds up. Where do you think we got the best deal on these two products? I would say Dollarama. It’s actually Walmart. Really? [voice] I’m surprised about the Play-Doh. Like, we always thought the Dollarama is the best.

I really will have to think about whether it is worth going to the dollar store or not. Or to know my prices per mL, per item. [Steven] But then a shocker. This toothpaste, per 100 mL, more than six bucks at Dollar Tree. The other stores have bigger sizes and cost less per millilitre.

That margin for this size is just outrageous compared to the other two. Who ends up paying the overall cost? [Markus] Consumers. And it’s ultimately not in the store brand’s interest because it means that the faith and the trust that consumers have in those products erodes, and in those brands erodes.

[Steven] Both Renu and Joe tell us they’re fortunate, they can afford occasional over-spending. Markus says many can’t. Often, we’re talking about vulnerable consumers, lower income families and families who actually need every penny and need every dollar. These stores are typically located in lower middle-class neighbourhoods, and they signal, we make affordability and the

Canadian dream happen. [♪♪♪] [Steven] Next, our biggest sticker shock. More than eight dollars. Oh! [Steven] Plus, sharing our price check with the dollar store giants. You can’t afford to miss your Marketplace. [♪♪♪] [♪♪♪] [Steven] This is your Marketplace. We’re back on our dollar store price check.

Here is the biggest shock of them all, a pregnancy test. $1.25 at the dollar stores. Right. Guess how much this one was at Walmart? Maybe a dollar? More than eight dollars. -Whoa. -Oh! [Steven] In the end Dollarama fared well in our test. Always edging out Dollar Tree on prices and cheaper or within

Pennies of Walmart. The company tells us they aim to provide competitively priced everyday products at low fixed price points year-round without sales or promotions. As for Dollar Tree they tell us that Crest 3D White toothpaste is considered a travel-sized item, and they say consumers

Continue to shop at Dollar Tree for the extreme value the store provides. As for Renu and Joe both feel they’re better shoppers now and though the pennywise pair never met they did have a message for each other. Good luck shopping next time. I think you need to calculate your pricing, and, you know,

To know your pricing a little bit better. I can’t believe that she’s the better shopper. I just can’t believe it.

Is shopping at a dollar store always saving you money? We put two of Canada’s most popular dollar stores to the test: Dollarama and Dollar Tree. In a price-per-unit comparison of 17 everyday items, our investigation finds Canadians may not always be getting the deal they think they are when shopping at popular dollar store chains.

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  1. I Always go Shopping there First, But There's Olney 1 in ORILLIA 😢🇨🇦😭

  2. This is why those big box stores are kind of a scam, and really shows the downside to unregulated "competition". I discovered years ago that different chains are always playing games on this kind of thing. Sure, the laundry detergent's a better deal at Walmart, but the peanut butter and the cereal and the ground beef aren't. And you're not going to go to three different stores to get the best deals because you'd burn the savings in fuel, not mention time. And thanks to this gross capitalism nightmare, it's hard to avoid. Live lean, buy real food- and aim for local. A good percentage of the items in this is for packaging- all the different sizing, and the transport all over the place. Of course, easier said than done depending on where you are.

  3. Dollar Three..nothing over $1.50

  4. CBC market place brought to you by Walmart

  5. I always thought dollar tree was overpriced, this just proved it.

  6. A Dollar dis worth a lot for me. And she drive a MiniVan. The worst vehicule in existence for fuel economy. Yeah, right.

  7. Walmart breaks down their prices by ounces on the label here in the states. Why more companies don’t do that is beyond me, because they can make those prices fit on the label if they look closely.

  8. Is there an adult on planet earth that doesn't understand that you pay more per unit when you buy smaller packages?

  9. Dollarama is great for things like garbage bags and paper towels. But buying food and pregnancy tests at a dollar store seems a bit iffy.

  10. The content is great but the camerawork is atrocious. Get a stabilizer or something and stop messing around with the zoom buttons.

  11. Want to save money? Get rid of your car and get a bycicle. You'll save thousands of dollars.

  12. Should add giant tiger and freshco to the comparison: Giant tiger has decent cheap prices for food and clothing but is a smaller store like Dollarama and Dolar Tree. Freshco is a bigger food store like mart and has so deal that even beats Dollarama like a 2L Cola for 1.15$ or 3 bottles of 2L cola for 3$. At Dollarama its 1$ for a 1L cola. But Giant tiger sometimes have CRAZY SALES like their 450g saussages for 0.50$ they only do it once a year, but when they do, there is no limit to how much you can buy. That price even beats Costco and you don't require any membership cards.

  13. I compare Dollarama (Quebec based) vs Dollar Tree (Virginia based) everywhere I go. Quebec does not have Dollar Tree. Dollarama has dominion over the entire province. I had a few business trips in Ottawa, ON and Prince George, BC (tax base very different). I know the items and their sizes that I usually purchase in Quebec, compared both stored in Ottawa and PG, Dollarama was the cheapest, every time, in terms of $ per unit or $ per gram. Another personal observation, even though both chains do not invest in glamour or esthetics, I found Dollar Tree way more congested and disorderly on shelf space and aisles, whether in Ottawa or PG.

  14. Well duh, ones a convenience store ones, the other is a grocery store….

  15. Seems to be a commercial for Dollarama. There are many products at Dollar Tree that are less expensive than Dollarama and the reverse is true as well. You have to know your prices. Comparing the travel size is not a realistic comparison. The only reason I would buy the travel size is if I were travelling and sometimes donating because I can't afford the large size. I love Marketplace but this episode falls flat for me.

  16. Dollar store stuff appears cheap but its garbage quality…..and they only appear cheap thats how dollar store business works.


  18. The walmart in this city is almost an hour away by bus or a $25 cab ride. There's 3 Dollar Tree stores, one being a 5min walk away. Not everybody has the option to go to multiple stores. You also have to remember that a trip to the dollar tree with kids will be a lot cheaper when they ask for things they see lol…

  19. cbc clearly got paid by walmart

  20. Wallmart is the biggest scam in the world, don’t shop there.The packaging is smaller than reg grocery stores, and the quality of produce and fresh meat is absolutely horrible. You are not saving if you have to throw your produce and meat out before you use it?

  21. I do this comparison now between Walmart and RC Superstore and I noticed the later is more expensive than the first one.

  22. Dollar store is kind of a rip off. Really thin cereal boxes, a 1/4 roll of scotch tape for 2 bucks. It is pretty scammy some of the things they do.

  23. Walmart for groceries is a rip off go to Aldi beats every other grocery.

  24. This was great to see. I don’t feel so cheap anymore. I always try to do the math like you did here. Though I also factor in my time and availability. I do this with all stores, including Costco and Amazon. Yes sometimes Amazon actually has a better price. You also need to factor in quality. I always use my bed sheets as an example. I bought them from a linen store for a lot after $. But I have had them for 20 yrs in some cases and they are still in great shape. They are GOOD quality bamboo or tensil. I work hard for my money and what I buy has to have value to me.

  25. dollar store is way over priced now.

  26. Everyone needs to shop with their calculator and track the prices on items at various stores that you buy most frequently.

  27. Dollar tree has cheap new books, nobody can beat it.

  28. Smaller items always cost more. Just compare items of

  29. Since they increased prices to $1.25, I do not longer buy at Dollar Tree. The last time I did, I did not know they had increased the prices and I ended up paying like $25 extra.

  30. Are dollar tree in Canada disgusting I don't even know why we have a dollar tree in Canada when it's so horrible

  31. Since DT went up .25 they’re no longer reasonable. I rarely shop there anymore.

  32. And yet, they can ship it overseas where they pay less and with less chemicals because they’re banned in other countries.

  33. I think part of the deceiving pricing will also be not having the final price on the labels like most of the world do. We still have to account for the tax on products x times the number of items we are getting.

  34. Most ppl who frequent Dollar Trees do so bc they don’t have much to live on as it is- we/they can’t “save up”, we’re often living week to week, just getting by-

    Tho tbf it’s often a mix of stores, some things are cheaper at one store, but other products are cheaper at another.

  35. Don’t buy Any food items out of a Box! Thank me later…Cheers

  36. This was a great segment. It's all about price per unit!! Greetings from Pennsylvania….

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  38. Nothing is a dollar anymore !!!

  39. It’s all about the $$

  40. Always, always, ALWAYS do dollar per unit! Walmart scams people all the time with this with "bulk buy" meanwhile, individual products sold are actually cheaper. I see it all the time.

  41. I don't trust that the brands you find at the "dollar" stores, are the same exact quality, or age, as the box stores such as Walmart, etc. Ever heard of counterfeit products? How about that tough, sugar-bloomed, old chocolate bar at the "dollar" store? Ever see the cheap, knock-off chocolate bars? They are so gross. I bought a new, package of markers at a "dollar" store once, and every. single. maker. was dried right up. Total waste of money. I stopped shopping at "dollar" stores for that reason alone. Then, I worry about cheap knock-off product poisoning….lead, cadnium, etc, and other ingredients as bad as rat poison. I just don't trust them…..hate to say it, but I'll stick to the regular grocery stores.

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